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Surname Zachariä - Meaning and Origin

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Zachariä: What does the surname Zachariä mean?

The last name Zachariä is of German origin and likely derives from the Hebrew personal name "Zachariah", which in turn is derived from the Hebrew elements “zakar” and “yahu”, meaning “to remember” and “Yahweh”, respectively.

The surname Zachariä may have originally been a nickname for someone whose family held the Hebrew name Zachariah of long standing, or it could refer to someone who was especially devoted to religious observance. This could also have been taken on by people who had served or lived in the same geographic locality as one who wore the name before them.

As a result, many people with the last name Zachariä share a common heritage and a likely religious background. In some cases, the geographic distribution of the name is indicative of the ancient migration patterns of its particular owners, such as those who moved from Germany to the United States around the late 19th or early 20th centuries.

The name Zachariä is a symbolic representation of shared ancestry and of the strong religious culture and heritage of its origin. As such, it carries with it a sense of pride and honor for those carrying the last name, as well as a reminder of the devotion and the protections upheld by ancient Hebrews.

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Zachariä: Where does the name Zachariä come from?

The last name Zachariä is a common name today primarily in Germany and throughout parts of Europe. It is an old German noble family name which is believed to have originated in the 12th century.

The name has its roots in medieval Germany and is derived from the German first name Zacharias. This name is a variant form of the Biblical Zacharias, meaning Remembrance of the Lord. The name was used among the royal families in Germany since the Middle Ages.

The traditional spelling of the name Zachariä is still popular in Germany in 2020. According to German genealogy records, many people still maintain the last name in and around Germany, as well as in Switzerland and Austria. The more modern variant spelling of the name is Zacharias, however, the older version remains popular.

The family name Zachariä is also largely found in areas of Eastern-Europe, particularly in countries such as Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. The surname is also found in parts of North America, most notably Canada and the United States.

In the US, there is a significantly smaller population of the surname compared to Europe. The current distribution of the name is thought to be concentrated in cities across the East Coast, with the highest concentrations being in the states of Maryland and New York.

Variations of the surname Zachariä

The surname Zachariä is of German or Hebrew origin, derived from the male given name Zachariah. It is most commonly found in Germanic countries, predominantly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but is also found in other countries throughout Europe and beyond. The surname has several variants, all of which are derived from the same given name, though some of them may have slightly different meanings or roots.

Variants of Zachariä include Zachariah, Sacharie, Zacharie, Zackariah, Zacharai, Sachariah, Sacharay, Sachary, and Sachar. Variant spellings include Zachariahs, Zacharys, Zackaria, Zacharaya, Zacharia, and Sacharias.

The surname Zachariä is also used as an Anglicized version of the Jewish surname Tscharno or Zerach. Other Jewish and Hebrew variants of the surname include Zeckeria, Zeckeriah, Zeckerio, Zeche, Zeck, and Zechariah.

Surnames derived from the given name Zachariä or its variants include Zackery, Zackar[e]y, Zacher[e]y, Zachery, and Zachary. Some other variations of Zachariä and the origin related surnames include Sacharow, Sacharowitz, Sachivitz, Sachon, and Sakry, all of which likely derive from some alterations of the given name Zachariä.

Famous people with the name Zachariä

  • Elke Zachariä: a German long-distance runner who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics
  • John Zachariä: a German former professional footballer who won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2008
  • Peter Zachariä: a Swedish opera singer and Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music
  • John Thomas Zachariä: a 2016 electronic musician and film score composer
  • Jaspal Zachariä: a Scottish professional footballer currently playing for Stirling Albion FC
  • Christina Zachariä: an American actress and model who has appeared in television shows and films
  • Rita Zachariä: an Austrian singer and actress who has performed internationally
  • David Zachariä: an American public speaker and ordained spiritual director for the Franciscan order of friars
  • Anton Zachariä: a German football manager who won the German football championship in 1932
  • Gustav Zachariä: a German sculptor and ceramist who received an award for his works at the World Exposition in Paris in 1937

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