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Surname Zachariasz - Meaning and Origin

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Zachariasz: What does the surname Zachariasz mean?

Zachariasz is a patronymic surname derived from the given name "Zacharias." This name itself is derived from the Hebrew name "Zechariah," which can be interpreted to mean "God remembers." The ending “-z” was added to Zacharias to indicate that the surname was of Slavic origin.

In Poland, this surname typically originates from various villages located in the southeastern portion of the country. Families who bore this name were significantly involved in social, economic, and cultural activities in this region, including playing an active role in the shaping of Jewish religious life.

The Zachariasz name is an example of the effects of the Polish language on Jewish culture during the 16th century. As a result of the language's influence, Jewish families adopted the Polish language and the related patronymic surnames, with the Zachariasz name becoming one such example.

The Zachariasz surname is also found in countries other than Poland, including the United States. It can be found in cities and regions where Polish Jews have migrated and settled.

In the US in particular, families bearing this surname have typically been involved in political, economic, and cultural activities. They have contributed to the shape of American life in a variety of ways, including in the fields of medicine, politics, the arts, and various charitable organizations.

The Zachariasz surname represents a proud and important legacy, one that continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

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Zachariasz: Where does the name Zachariasz come from?

The last name Zachariasz has traditionally been found in Central and Eastern European countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Romania. It is a patronymic name derived from the given name Zacharias, which is a Biblical name derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah or Zecharja, meaning “God has remembered.”

In modern times, the name Zachariasz can be found in locations where Central and Eastern Europe is well represented, such as France, Germany, the UK, Australia, and the United States. It is a fairly uncommon name, even in these areas, as it has not been adopted widely by families of European descent.

If a family does have the surname Zachariasz, it is likely that one or more of their ancestors came from Central or Eastern Europe. Records from Ellis Island, for example, indicate that some of the earliest families with the Zachariasz surname entered the U.S. in the early 20th century from Poland.

The surname Zachariasz is unlikely to be dominant in any region, although it may have some presence. As a relatively uncommon name, it is probably most easily located in areas with a large Central or Eastern European population, such as major cities in the U.S., as well as Canada and Australia. Families with the Zachariasz surname can contact their local family history organizations or libraries to gain access to resources that can help them trace their family lineage and better understand the origins of the name.

Variations of the surname Zachariasz

The surname Zachariasz and its variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin can vary depending on the country or region from which it originates.

In the United States, some of the variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include Zacher, Zacharias, Zachery, Zachariasse, Sachariasse, Sachar, Sachary, Zechariah, and Zachere.

In Poland, commonly seen variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include: Zacharia, Zachariaszewski, Zacharewicz, Zacharski, Sacharewicz, Sacharski, Sacharewicz, and Sachariasz.

In Germany, some of the variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include: Zachar, Zacharias, Sachar, Sacharias, Sachariasz, Sacharzah, Sacharewicz, Sachariasz, Sacharski, Sacharzafer, Zachere, Zacherel, Sacharia, Sacharay, and Sacharal.

In Sweden, some of the variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include Sachar, Zachariasse, Zacharias, Zachere, Sachar, Sacharal, Sacharia, Sacharewicz, Sachariasz, and Sacharski.

In Norway, some of the variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include Sachar, Sachariasse, Sacharay, Sacharal, Sachare, Sachariasz, and Sacharski.

In Hungary, some of the variant spellings, surnames, and forms of Zachariasz include: Zachar, Sachariasz, Sacharay, Sacharal, Sacharasz, Zacharay, Zachere, Sacharie, and Sacharasz.

Throughout all these different regions, the surname Zachariasz means the same in each one: either “God has remembered” or “God has shown mercy”.

Famous people with the name Zachariasz

  • Titus Zachariasz, a Polish one-handed cyclist and Paralympic silver medallist
  • Zachariasz Rotter, a Polish actor and comedian
  • Lukasz Zachariasz, a Polish speedway rider
  • John R. Zacharias, a famous US Navy Admiral
  • Evan Zachariasz, a French guzbeen and oud musician
  • Maciej Zachariasz, a Polish handball player
  • Matej Zachariasz, a Polish actor, musician, singer and songwriter
  • Robert S. Zachariasz, a Polish artist and painter
  • Roman Zachariasz, a Polish field hockey player
  • Wilfried Zachariasz, a German bobsledder and Olympic medal winner

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