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Surname Zachariae - Meaning and Origin

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Zachariae: What does the surname Zachariae mean?

The last name Zachariae is German in origin. It is a patronymic surname, derived from the given name Zacharias, which is of Hebrew origin. This given name is derived from the Hebrew element 'zakhar' meaning ‘to remember’. It is derived from the Biblical name 'Zechariah', which has a similar meaning; 'God Remembered'.

The popularity of the given name in the 14th century is attributed to the declaration of the Papal Bull that babies should be named after Biblical figures to ensure their salvation. This resulted in a surge of popularity in the use of Hebrew names, of which 'Zecharias' was one.

The surname Zachariae was attached as an additional form of identification by families and communities to differentiate their members from one another. This surname has spread to many languages and countries and has been altered to fit their various dialects.

The last name has been adopted by many families in the current day, and is often found in the form of 'Zacharias', 'Zachariasy', 'Zachariev', 'Zachariah', 'Zaciarias' and 'Zakhary'. People with this last name typically take pride in being rooted in tradition and a commitment to heritage.

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Zachariae: Where does the name Zachariae come from?

The last name Zachariae is commonly found throughout Europe. It can be mainly found in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Denmark. In Germany alone, it is estimated that there are over 3,500 people who carry this last name.

In the Netherlands, Zachariae is primarily found in the province of Noord-Holland. Although small, it is one of the most populous areas of the country. Relatively speaking, the Zachariae last name can be found in other European countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The last name continues to be popular among the countries it is prevalent in. It is often used as a patronymic, meaning the child would take the surname of their father. This is typical of many European countries and can be seen in the United States too.

The last name Zachariae has Jewish roots and can be found in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. According to Census statistics, the last name has an estimated 6,000 people living in the United States.

Overall, the last name Zachariae is relatively common throughout Europe and in the United States as well. It is likely that the popularity of the last name will continue to remain strong since it is used as a patronymic in many European countries.

Variations of the surname Zachariae

The surname Zachariae has many variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin.

Variant spellings of Zachariae include Zacharias, Zachery, Sachar, Sakar, Sacharie, Sacharjah, Sacharjee, Zachariah, Zechariah, Zecharjas, Zachary, Zachar, Zackery, Zackarias, Zacherias, Zechary, Zacary, Zacchari, Zacary, Tzachari, Sachariu, Sacharju, Zacarious, Zacari, Zaar, and Aaron.

Other surnames that have the same origin as Zachariae include Ben Ezra, Sasson, Solomon, Coen, Jacon, Yacon, Israels, Carswell, Isac, Benjamin, Jessurun, Jochai and Abarbanel.

The origin of the surname Zachariae is Hebrew and Judaic. The name has been used to refer to the biblical prophet Zechariah in the Old Testament or to the father of John the Baptist. It may also be a variation of the Greek word for 'remembered by god.' The surname is believed to have been derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah and is a patronymic surname, meaning it is derived from the name of the father or an ancestor.

Zachariae is found within Judaic communities in countries such as England, Scotland, the United States of America, Germany, and the Netherlands. It is a common surname in Jewish households.

In other languages, variants of Zachariae include Sacharja (Dutch), Sachary (Polish), Zacherias (Portuguese), and Zacarías (Spanish).

Famous people with the name Zachariae

  • John Zachariae: former Olympic rower from Denmark and winner of the 1984 Olympic gold medal in double sculls.
  • Tali Zachariae: Acclaimed Swedish choreographer and co-founder of Swedish dance company 'Skånes Dansteater'.
  • Jeff Zachariae: Danish Football manager who has worked together with the Danish clubs FC Nordsjælland and Aarhus GF.
  • Bendt Zachariae: Danish football player who represented Aalborg BK and Allianz FC in international matches.
  • Lasse Zachariae: Danish racing driver who won the 1988 Danish Touring Car Championship and the 1997 F3 Nordic Championship.
  • Ashesh Zachariae: Senior Vice-President and General Counsel at Finisar Corporation in Silicon Valley.
  • Jason Zachariae: Professional surfer from California and a two-time National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) National Champion.
  • Glenn Zachariae: Danish professional badminton player who represented Denmark in multiple major tournaments and won gold at the European Badminton Championships in 1992.
  • Jason Zachariae: Member of the punk rock band 'The Suicide Machines' and the metalcore outfit 'Billy Club Sandwich'.
  • Ursula Zachariae: Danish classical soprano with operatic roles in Mozart’s ‘La finta giardiniera’ and ‘The Magic Flute’.

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