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Surname Zacharie - Meaning and Origin

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Zacharie: What does the surname Zacharie mean?

The last name Zacharie is an Anglicized version of the French surname Zacharias. It is derived from the Hebrew given name Zechariah, ultimately meaning “ God has remembered” in Hebrew. Zacharie originates in areas such as France and the Americas, but has since become a popular surname among Irish, British, and American families.

Traditionally, the Zacharie surname has largely referred to families of French, Swiss, and Italian heritage; however, records from the Ireland and Britain show it has been found among families of Irish and other European ancestry too.

In the United States, the Zacharie surname is one of the more common French surnames. It's estimated that there are tens of thousands of people in the United States related to this line. The Zacharie name is still popular today; many Americans with the last name Zacharie are descended from those who originally emigrated from Europe centuries ago.

The Zacharie surname has come to symbolize strong work ethic, family values, and loyalty to those around them. People with the Zacharie name have been a strong presence in many professions, including medical, legal, military, government, and education. They are a people of strong character, determination, and a fiercely independent spirit, and are proud to trace their roots back to the great Zacharie family.

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Zacharie: Where does the name Zacharie come from?

The last name Zacharie is most commonly found today in France and parts of Africa. In France, the Zacharie surname is associated with French nobility. It is a surname of Breton origin and is derived from name Zachariah, which is itself derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah, meaning ‘Yahweh has remembered’. The Zacharie surname is particularly common in the Vendée province in the west of France.

In Africa, the last name Zacharie is predominantly found in the western and central parts of the continent due to French colonial influence. This is particularly the case in Benin, a country in Western Africa that was once the French colony of Dahomey. Here, the Zacharie surname is very common and is found amongst the indigenous Fon-Ewe people, as well as amongst the descendants of French colonists and African slaves.

Outside of France and Africa, the Zacharie surname is relatively rare. It can be found in some parts of Canada and the United States, where it is associated with the Cajun and Creole communities. The last name is also found, albeit rarely, in the Philippines and some parts of the Middle East.

Variations of the surname Zacharie

Zacharie is a surname originating from the Hebrew name Zechariah meaning "God remembers". Variations, spellings, and other surnames related to Zacharie include:

Zacharias: This is the Greek spelling of the Hebrew Zechariah.

Zacher: This is a variation of the German surname \"Zachery\" and is a common form of the name.

Zakariya: This is the Arabic spelling of the Hebrew Zechariah and is a popular name in the Middle East.

Zacarías: This is the Spanish spelling of the name, most associated with Mexican and Latin American populations.

Zackary: This is a common American nickname for Zechariah, a variant of Zachary.

Sacher: This is a German version of the surname, derived from the personal name Zacher.

Zacheery: This is a variation of \"Zachery\" which is derived from the personal name Zacher.

Sacar: This is a variation of the surnames Zacarías and Zachery, spelled differently for English speakers.

Sachet: This is a French version of the surname Zacarías, derived from the personal name Zacher.

Zachariah: This is the Hebrew spelling of the name and is often used in English speaking countries.

Zakary: This is an American variant of the name, derived from the personal name Zacher.

Zachari: This is another variant of Zacher, used mostly in the United States.

Zackariah: This is a variation of the Hebrew name Zechariah, used mainly in English speaking countries.

Famous people with the name Zacharie

  • Lena Zacharie: Finnish artist, pianist and composer
  • Jake Zacharie: American Conservative lawyer and public figure
  • Mark Zacharie: American professional hockey player
  • Seanna Zacharie: Canadian beauty pageant queen
  • Ron Zacharie: Canadian politician
  • Tournament of Zacharie: French historical literary figure
  • Ed Zacharie: Canadian former television personality
  • Emily Zacharie: Canadian Olympic bobsledder
  • Trey Zacharie: American skateboarder and artist
  • Goetz Zacharie: German business personality

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