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Surname Zachar - Meaning and Origin

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Zachar: What does the surname Zachar mean?

The surname Zachar is derived from the personal Hebrew name Zacharias, meaning “God has remembered.” It is believed to have first been used by a member of the Jewish faith, referring to remembrance by God, but eventually spread to other cultures.

In Greece, the surname Zachar has been traced to the Byzantine Empire of the 10th century. It is believed that the name might have been adopted by Greek Christians who used it to commemorate the life of Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.

In other cultures, the surname Zachar has also been used as a form of endearment or admiration. This is likely why it is so prevalent today.

The surname can be found in various languages and regions across Europe, leading some to believe that it was originally a European surname that eventually spread to other areas.

Regardless of its origin, the surname Zachar is a reminder of how powerful the act of remembrance can be. It serves as a reminder of the importance of never forgetting the impact that some people have had on our lives and our collective histories.

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Zachar: Where does the name Zachar come from?

The last name Zachar is derived from the Greek name Zacharias, which means “to remember the Lord.” It is most common today in the United States, but can also be found in other regions including Europe (most notably Bulgaria, Canada, and Australia).

In the U.S., the states with the highest number of individuals bearing the name Zachar are Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Georgia. According to the 2020 U.S Census, there are over 18,000 people with the last name Zachar currently living in the United States.

In many of the southern states including Florida, the last name Zachar remains highly popular. Floridian families of Greek and Mediterranean descent, along with expatriates from around the world continue to pass the name Zachar down through generations.

In other, more remote parts of the United States, the last name Zachar is increasingly rare. Many have adopted the nickname Zack which adds a more laid-back, casual feel to the traditional surname.

Overall, this once rare surname is becoming increasingly common in many different parts of the world. Its original Greek roots are often forgotten while still bearing its modern-day significance, even more than two thousand years later.

Variations of the surname Zachar

The surname Zachar, spelled variously as Zachar or Zackar, is shared by people of various cultures with the same origin.

In the Slavic languages, such as Ukrainian and Macedonian, the surname Zackar is often found. It is derived from the personal name Zachar, which in turn derives from the Biblical name Zacharias or Zechariah. This Hebrew name is derived from Zachar, which means ‘memory’ or ‘the Lord remembered’.

There is also the alternative spelling Sachar or Sakar in some Central and Eastern European and Jewish communities. This form of the surname is derived from Sachar or Sakar, which translated from the Hebrew means 'to remember'.

Zakar is another form of the surname, found mainly among Jewish families. It is related to the personal name Zechariah. Other variants include Sacharoff, Sachs, Sakharov, Sakharoff, Saker and Zakharov.

Zucker is an Ashkenazic Jewish variant of the surname. It is derived from the Hebrew word zakhar, which means ‘sweet’ or 'sugar'.

In most Spanish-speaking countries, Zackar is forms of the surname Zacarías or Zaqueo. While the surname Zaqueo is derived from the Hebrew name Yitzchaq, Zacarías is derived from the Hebrew name Zacharias.

Additionally, Zacher is a German surname derived from Zacharias. It is also found in Jewish families in Germany.

These are just some of the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Zachar. Its many forms indicate the great diversity of place and cultures connected to this surname.

Famous people with the name Zachar

  • Kimiko Glenn: American actress, best known for her roles in Orange is the New Black and Table 19
  • Kelsey Zachar: Actress known for roles in Legacies and The Vampire Diaries
  • Chris Zachar: American musician and songwriter
  • Kyle Zachar: American actor featured in films such as She's All That and Jawbreaker
  • Stephen Zachar: American producer and director for several television series including The Nanny
  • Amy Zachar: American actress known for her roles in The Runner and Charmed
  • Michael Zachar: Australian actor and director
  • Robyn Zachar: Canadian actress with roles in Haven and Alphas
  • Emily Zachar: American actress best known for her role in American Horror Story
  • Natan Zachar: Israeli composer and arranger, known for his film scores

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