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  1. Hello, I have made all my DNA Test's and several depth Tests, done at iGENEA, and the result is that I belong to the haplogroup: R1a1b2a2*/R-M780-M-634, however, negative to the subgroups: Y-37, L657 or Z2124.
    I' strongly suspect that I' belong to Indo-Parthian or Indo-Scythians.

    My paternale side:
    My Grandfather Şaban Sarmaşık was a Muslim Turkish Romani (Şopar) of East Thrace, the European part of Turkey. The birthdate of my Grandfather are unknown, probably born ca. 1908 in Harmanlı-Adrianople Vilayet, and died 1981 in Babaeski-Kırklareli Province.

    My Grandmother Nemzade Sarmaşık née Karakoç was born 1911 in Beyköy (Golemantsi)-Hasköy, Haskovo Provine in Bulgaria and died 2000 in Babaeski-Kırklareli Province, Turkey. She was Turkish (Mâcır) and was a Granddaughter of the last Ağa (Ottoman Feudal) of Beyköy. The whole Family and relatives emigrated end of 1929 at the beginning of 1930 to Turkey.

    My Father Sebahattin Sarmaşık was born 16.3.1945 in Babaeski/Turkey and died 17.5.1998 in Göppingen/Germany. He came as a guest worker to Germany and married on 21.2.1975 my Mother Rosemarie Lenhardt (b.18.12.1948 at Simbach am Inn/Germany). My Mother is German/Danube Swabian. From this Marriage, Myself Jan Timo Sarmaşık was born. (The Turks called me: Timur Can/Can Timur/Can or Timur). All my paternal relatives lives in East Thrace the European Side of Turkey, in the City's: Edirne, Vize, Babaeski, Tekirdağ, Büyük Mandıra, and also in Istanbul-Kuştepe.
    You can see, my Familytree under the German Category in this Forum.

    P.S.: The false statements since 2007, in some Internet Forum's and Encyclopediean pages, etc., about my paternal Ancestors, relatives and myself, that we belong allegedly to the former Ottoman Dynasty or to Chepni People or Amuca tribe, etc. """ARE WRONG"""!!! This false statements was made by some Persons, who used my name and Y-DNA Test result, and also some name's of my relatives and pretend as myself or my relatives, and again copied by others. Also the wrong statements that my Y-DNA got from the Amuca tribe is absolutly nonsense!!!. Because, The Y-DNA got from Father to son, and my Paternal Grandfather was a Muslim Romani (Şopar) of East-Thrace/European Turkey. So I'am a Romani from paternal side.

    NOTE: "The Şopar are Turkish-speaking Muslim Romani People in East-Thrace".

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