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  1. Hello, my Name is Jan Timo Sarmaşık, (Turkish: Timur Can, Can, Timur, Can Timur), I made all my DNA Test's and several depth Tests, at iGENEA, and the result is that I belong to the haplogroup: R1a1b2a2*/R-M780-M-634, however, negative to the subgroups: Y-37, L657 or Z2124.

    My Paternal Grandfather was a Turkish Romani (Şopar) of East Thrace, and the Romani People in Turkey claimed that there Ancestor's once came from India. I believe that my Romani Lineage traces back to the Changar a clan of the Jat people, who are descendants of the Indo-Scythinans.

    See more in the German Category in this Forum about myself.

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