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DNA profiles and haplogroups of famous persons

Albert Einstein

Are you related to the most famous scientist? Albert Einstein is one of the most important theoretical physicists in history due to his numerous works and new discoveries. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921 and his name is now synonymous with...
» Albert Einstein

Elvis Presley

Are you related to the King of Rock 'n' Roll? Elvis Presley had mainly German, Scottish, Irish and French ancestors, one ancestor was Cherokee. DNA tests proved his descent from Native Americans and from German emigrants from the...
» Elvis Presley

Che Guevara

Are you related to the leader of the Cuban revolution? The famous revolutionary and comandante of the Cuban rebel army Ernesto "Che" Guevara died in 1967 while fleeing during the revolts in Bolivia. It was not until 1997 that his body was exhumed and...
» Che Guevara

Eva Longoria

Are you related to the famous actress? Eva Longoria comes from Mexican-American parents from Texas. Through an mtDNA test for the US TV series "Faces of America", her Native American ancestry was discovered. Eva Longoria belongs to...
» Eva Longoria


Are you related to the lead singer of U2? Bono's maternal lineage is from Ireland. His mtDNA test, conducted back in 2007 for the Genographic Project, shows that His prehistoric ancestors were based in Spain. Bono belongs to haplogroup...
» Bono

Diana, Princess of Wales

Are you related to the Queen of Hearts? An ancestor of Diana, the Scotsman Theodore Forbes worked for the East India Company in Surat in the Gujarat region of India in the 19th century. He had several children with his local housekeeper....
» Diana, Princess of Wales

The Bourbon

The Bourbon DNA Project: the search for the descendants of the kings of France and Spain. Using the profile of 38 markers, the Institute for Origin Analysis iGENEA analyzed the origin of the French kings. Haplogroup. The royal lineage originates from haplogroup R-M269. Haplogroup...
» The Bourbon

Genghis Khan

Are you related to the founder of the Mongol Empire? In 2003, a Y-DNA profile was identified that occurs in 8% of the male population in the heartland of the former Mongol Empire. In addition, various studies were conducted with individuals who trace...
» Genghis Khan


Are you a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad? The genetic origin analysis of the Mohammed DNA profile and search for relatives living today. The Y-DNA profile of this line could now be determined through a test by two members of the Jordanian royal family. So far only the exact haplogroup has been known: J1-L859. The following profile...
» Muhammad


Are you a direct male descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte?
The genetic origin analysis of Napoleon DNA profile. Using the profile of 37 markers and the Deep Clade test, the Institute for Origin Analysis iGENEA analyzed the origin of Napoleon Bonaparte. Haplogroup. Napoleon belonged to haplogroup E-M34. This...
» Napoleon

Cheddar Man

Are you related to the man from the Stone Age? The skeleton of Cheddar Man was found in 1903 in the Somerset region near the village of Cheddar in England. He lived about 9,100 years ago, making him one of the first people to repopulate the...
» Cheddar Man

Abraham Lincoln

Are you related to any famous presidents of the United States? Abraham Lincoln's parents lived as farmers in Virginia. His ancestors came from the English county of Norfolk. DNA analysis with descendants of his maternal family living today has determined his...
» Abraham Lincoln

Benjamin Franklin

Are you related to the author of the American Declaration of Independence... Benjamin Franklin's mother had six sisters, he himself had four sisters. Thanks to the numerous female relatives, there are still people today who are related to him in a purely female line. With one...
» Benjamin Franklin

Colla Uais

Are you related to the forefather of the Scottish clans? A proto-king of Ireland, Colla, seized large territories around Ulster in 325 AD and ruled as king for four years. However, he was exiled to SChotland along with relatives and hundreds of followers by...
» Colla Uais

The evangelist Luke

Are you related to the author of the Gospel of Luke? The physician Luke, better known as the biblical author of the Gospel of Luke, was born in Antioch, in the Roman province of Syria. Historical tradition records his death in Thebes around 150 AD. His...
» The evangelist Luke

Francesco Petrarca

Are you related to the Italian poet? In 2004, the remains of the 14th century poet and humanist Francesco Petrarch were exhumed. His DNA was isolated from teeth and ribs. A gender test revealed that the skull was from a woman and the...
» Francesco Petrarca

Jake Gyllenhaal

Are you related to the famous actor? Jake Gyllenhaal's maternal ancestors are of Jewish descent from Russia and Poland. For the US TV series "Finding Your Roots", the origins of his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal were researched, including an...
» Jake Gyllenhaal

Jesse James

Are you related to the legendary bandit? In 1995, the remains of Jesse James were exhumed. Through hair and bone samples from his grave, his DNA could be isolated and compared with the genetic profiles of his relatives living today. This...
» Jesse James

Queen Nūr of Jordan

Are you related to the widow of King Hussein I? Queen Nūr's maternal line is of American-Swedish descent. Her ancestry was researched for the US TV series "Faces of America". Queen Nūr in the maternal line of haplogroup I2.
» Queen Nūr of Jordan

Queen Victoria

Are you descended from the grandmother of Europe? Queen Victoria's reign over the British Empire was so formative that the era is still referred to as the Victorian Age. She received her nickname "Grandmother of Europe" because of her numerous...
» Queen Victoria

Mary Magdalene

Are you related to the companion of Jesus Christ? In 2016, the well-known geneticist Gérard Lucotte examined a lock of hair that is kept as a relic of Mary Magdalene in the basilica in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. The result confirmed its...
» Mary Magdalene

Martha Stewart

Are you related to the famous TV chef? Martha Stewart's parents emigrated from Poland to the USA. Her origins were researched for the US TV series "Finding Your Roots". Martha Stewart belongs in the maternal line to the haplogroup...
» Martha Stewart

Martin Luther

Are you descended from the originator of the Reformation? Martin Luther's ideas for reforming the Roman Catholic Church could not be implemented, but found numerous followers, so that it finally came to the church split. His translation of the Bible...
» Martin Luther

Meryl Streep

Are you related to the famous actress? Meryl Streep's maternal ancestors are of English, Irish and German descent. Her ancestry was researched for the US TV series "Faces of America". Meryl Streep belongs to the haplogroup K1b2b in...
» Meryl Streep

Nelson Mandela

Are you related to the former president of South Africa? Nelson Mandela comes from the royal house of Thembu from the Xhosa people, which is mainly based in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. He was a leading activist in the freedom struggle and...
» Nelson Mandela

Niall of the Nine Hostages

Are you related to the Irish High King? Like Colla Uais, Niall was a primal king of Ireland and the father of millions of descendants. He lived in the 5th century and died about 455 AD. Studies have identified a profile shared by many men...
» Niall of the Nine Hostages


Are you related to the famous glacier mummy? In the current Ötzi DNA project, we are now looking for Ötzi's closest relatives living today. To participate in the project, order an iGENEA Premium or Expert test. If your mtDNA profile or Y-DNA...
» Ötzi


Are you descended from the legendary Scottish lord? According to legend, Somerled of Argyll, born around 1100 AD, was descended from Irish kings. His DNA profile, on the other hand, proves his kinship with the Vikings, against whom he waged war.
» Somerled

Susan Sarandon

Are you related to the famous actress? The maternal line of Susan Sarandon comes from Italy (Tuscany and Sicily). This was also confirmed by the result of a mtDNA test. Susan Sarandon belongs to the Haplogroup H in the maternal...
» Susan Sarandon

Sweyn II of Denmark

Are you related to the last Viking king? One of the most fabled cases of false maternity has been solved by mitochondrial DNA analysis. Sven II Estridsen (1020-1074 AD), the last Viking king of Denmark and ancestor of all subsequent Danish...
» Sweyn II of Denmark

Thomas Jefferson

Are you related to the 3rd President of the United States? In 1998, probably the most famous DNA analysis case to date was solved with a Y-chromosome test: Was Thomas Jefferson the father of the children of his slave Sally Hemmings? The DNA of five...
» Thomas Jefferson


Are you a direct male descendant of the pharaohs? iGENEA exclusively publishes the Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun and searches for his last living relatives. Search for relatives living today. In the current Tutankhamun project, we are now searching for the closest relatives of Tutankhamun's male lineage living today in Europe. To participate in the...
» Tutankhamun

Nicholas II of Russia

Are you related to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia? In July 1991, remains were exhumed from a mass grave outside Yekaterinburg, Russia. Analysis of mitochondrial DNA allowed these bodies to be assigned to the Romanovs, the last Russian tsarist family...
» Nicholas II of Russia

The DNA profiles of other famous people

Adam Sandler, Al Capone, Alec Baldwin, Alexander Pushkin, Anderson Cooper, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Arnold Schönberg, Ben Affleck, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Birger Jarl, Braxton Bragg, Burt Bacharach, Calvin Coolidge, Caravaggio, Charles Darwin, Chester A. Arthur, Chuck Norris, Clan Armstrong, Clan Barclay, Clan Boyd, Clan Boyle, Clan Bruce, Clan Buchanan, Clan Cameron, Clan Campbell, Clan Chattan, Clan Cochrane, Clan Drummond, Clan Erskine, Clan Gordon, Clan Graham, Clan Grant, Clan Hamilton, Clan Home, Clan Lindsay, Clan Lyon, Clan Mackenzie, Clan MacLaren, Clan MacLean, Clan McGregor, Clan Montgomery, Clan Munro, Clan Murray, Clan Sinclair, Clan Sutherland, Condoleezza Rice, Cordell Hull, Craig Venter, Ottoman dynasty, David Hume, David und Richard Attenborough, Davy Crockett, Deepak Chopra, Der Hata Clan, Dalcassians, Fujiwara clan, Gediminids, House of Grimaldi, House of Habsburg, House of Hohenzollern, Qajar dynasty, Kelloggs, Piast dynasty, Reginarids, Rothschild family, Rurik dynasty, House of Saud, House of Stuart, Taira clan, House of Wettin, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dustin Hoffman, Enda Kenny, Ernest Hemingway, Cecil family, Nevanlinna family, O'Neill family, Randolph family, Francis Ford Coppola, Franklin Pierce, Franz Kafka, George Armstrong Custer, George B. McClellan, George C. Marshall, George H.W. Bush, George Washington, Gia Long, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grover Cleveland, Hattori Hanzō, House of Bernadotte, House Lubomirski, Henry Clay, Henry Luce, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Emperor Higashiyama, House of Clinton, J. Robert Oppenheimer, J.-P .Morgan, James D. Watson, James K. Polk, James Wilson, Jean-Paul Marat, Jimmy Buffett, John Adams, John C. Calhoun, John Curtin, John Hancock, John Rutledge, John Stamos, John Tyler, John Witherspoon, Joseph Smith, Justin Trudeau, Katie Couric, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Béla III of Hungary, Edward IV of England, Richard III of England, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Larry Bird, Larry David, Larry Page, Leo Tolstoy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Malcolm Gladwell, Maria Theresa, Matt Lauer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Calbraith Perry, Matthew Perry, Max von Sydow, Mike Nichols, Miklós Horthy, Mikołaj Radziwiłł Rudy, Milorad Dodik, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Ming dynasty, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Nakht-Ankh and Khnum-Nakht, Napoleon III., Nathan Bedford Forrest, Nicolas Cage, Nikola Tesla, Nicolaus Copernicus, Noah Webster Jr., Novak Djokovic, Nurhaci, Patrick Henry, Pavel Tsitsianov, Philip Calvert, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ramesses III, Richard Stockton, Robert E. Lee, Robert John Downey Jr., Roger Sherman, Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Morse, Sayyid Ajjal, Sir Francis Drake, Stephen Colbert, Stephen King, Steven Pinker, Sting, Ted Danson, Thomas Alva Edison, Tom Hanks, Tony Kushner, Ulysses S. Grant, Vince Vaughn, Warren Buffett, Warren G. Harding, William Ewart Gladstone, William Faulkner, William Harvey, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Wright Brothers, Ximena Navarrete, Yo-Yo Ma, Zachary Taylor, Zhu Xi, Zinedine Zidane

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