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The Slagle Surname Project


Proving relationships is one of the most useful aspects of DNA testing for genealogists. Because Y-DNA and surnames travel together through time (unknown paternal events or adoption), Y-DNA tests are beneficial for surname projects that determine whether families with the same last name are related. It is not necessary to dig up ancestors' graves, since a man alive today has the same Y-DNA as his paternal-line great-great-great-great-grandfather (add as many greats as you want.) Finding your true ancestors is very much worth the cost and the few minutes it takes to do the test. Some of the variations of the surname of SLAGLE are SLAGGLE, SLAGEL, SLAGLEY, SCHLEGEL and SCHLOEGEL. The Y-DNA 67-Marker or 37-Marker test is preferred. Now with the new Family Finder test, males and females may participate. You may now match to male and female cousins from any of your family lines within about five generations.



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