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Surname Schlegelmilch - Meaning and Origin

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Schlegelmilch: What does the surname Schlegelmilch mean?

The last name Schlegelmilch is a German surname that originates from Middle High German words 'schlegel' and 'mulch', meaning sledge and soil or compost, respectively. This name likely referred to someone who made use of a sledge to spread soil or compost on fields, such as a farmer or grounds-keeper.

The name 'Schlegelmilch' was frequently adopted as a surname in the 13th century and has been found in written records since around that time. In German, the ‘schlegel’ portion of the surname is often pronounced ‘shleh-gel’.

The surname can be found scattered across Germany, as well as in other countries with German-speaking populations, such as Austria and Switzerland.

In the United States, the surname is primarily found within states with a large German-American population, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

Over time, the use of the surname Schlegelmilch has spread throughout the world, due largely to immigration.

Overall, the name has an interesting origin that suggests a profession involving the use of a sledge and soil or compost. This surname can be found in Germany, other German-speaking countries, and the United States, and it has likely spread to other parts of the world due to immigration.

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Schlegelmilch: Where does the name Schlegelmilch come from?

The last name Schlegelmilch is believed to be most prevalent in German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is estimated that there are around 720 people living in Germany with this name, up to 330 in Austria, and up to 130 in Switzerland. In the US, this last name is much less common, though there are still an estimated 155 people living in the country with the name.

In Germany, this last name is most prevalent in the regions of Bavaria, Hesse, and Berlin. Those with the last name in Austria are mainly found in the western states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The main areas in Switzerland where the family name can be found are the cantons of Zurich and Basel-Land.

The roots of this last name are believed to have come from a small town in Lower Saxony called Selegelmilch. There is evidence of a village there as early as 1347, and this is likely the origin of the name. The name itself means 'sour milk', and is derived from the German words 'schlechte' (poor) and 'milch' (milk).

Given its German and Swiss-German roots, it is likely that most individuals with the surname Schlegelmilch are concentrated in areas with strong German-speaking populations.

Variations of the surname Schlegelmilch

The surname Schlegelmilch is a German surname derived from the Middle High German words “schlegel” and “mulch” meaning “hammer” and “dust” respectively.

There are various spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin for Schlegelmilch.

Variants of Schlegelmilch include Schleglmüller, Schlegelmuehle, Schlegelmüller and Schlegelman.

Surnames that have a common origin with Schlegelmilch include Schlegel, Schlegelmuller, Schmalz, and Muehlenberg.

Spellings and variations of Schlegelmilch in other languages include Schlegelmulch (German Origin), Schlegelmeul (Dutch Origin), Schlegelmeuller (Dutch Origin), Schleggelmuell (German Origin), Schleggelmueller (German Origin), and Schelegelmilch (German Origin).

Additionally, there are numerous hyphenated surname variations of Schlegelmilch, such as: Schle-gelmilch, Schlegel-milch, Schlegel-mueller and Schlegel-muehle.

The Schlegelmilch surname is found in most parts of Europe, and the United States, in particular in Pennsylvania, with a variety of pronunciations and spellings.

Overall, there are many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Schlegelmilch, each containing unique cultural and historical roots.

Famous people with the name Schlegelmilch

  • Wolfgang Schlegelmilch: German racing driver who raced in the 1960, 1970 and 1980 Formula One Grand Prix Championships and won one race.
  • Jürgen Schlegelmilch: German fashion designer and decorated World War II veteran who was the first and only German to win the title of Best Dressed Man in 1956.
  • Susanne Schlegelmilch: German artist, curator and professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
  • Bernd Schlegelmilch: German entrepreneur and founder of the fashion label What Comes Around Goes Around.
  • Rudolf Schlegelmilch: German landscape painter who was a famous member of the Düsseldorf School of Painting.
  • Johannes Schlegelmilch: German architect and founder of the Schlegelmilch und Partenen architectural office.
  • David Schlegelmilch: German art historian, political scientist, and collector of early modern painting.
  • Marie Schlegelmilch: German-born microscope lensmaker who pioneered the development of compound microscope lenses from the late 1880s.
  • Joachim Schlegelmilch: German pastor, theologian, and church historian who taught at the University of Göttingen in the late 19th century.
  • Henning von Schlegelmilch: German-born geographer who was a prominent figure in the social sciences in the early 20th century.

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