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Surname Schlegelberger - Meaning and Origin

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Schlegelberger: What does the surname Schlegelberger mean?

The last name Schlegelberger is a German occupational surname. The literal meaning refers to a person who worked as a "Schlegelberger," which is an old German term for someone who performed the duties of a scythe smith.

A scythe smith was responsible for producing and maintaining scythes, an important farm tool that was used mostly for cutting hay and mowing grass. Schlegelberger was a craftsman who was skilled in resharpening and repairing scythes and their associated components. As the use of scythes in the farming industry declined, the need for a scythe smith also decreased, leading to the decline of the Schlegelberger surname.

Due to the spread of German expatriates and immigration to other countries, the last name Schlegelberger can be found in several countries outside of Germany, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, among others.

The concept of a scythe smith and the Schlegelberger surname may serve as a reminder of the importance of farming and agricultural tools in German culture and society. It can also evoke a sense of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of those who worked as craftsmen in the past.

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Schlegelberger: Where does the name Schlegelberger come from?

Today, the last name Schlegelberger is most common in Germany. The name originated in Germany in the Middle Ages and there are over 4,000 people with this surname living in the German-speaking countries according to World Names Public Profiler. It is mainly found in the central German states such as Bavaria, Thuringia, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Schleswig-Holstein, and it is particularly common in the city of Berlin.

The place with the most people with this surname is Leipzig in Saxony with more than 500 people. It is also fairly common in other European countries, such as Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Poland. The Schlegelberger surname has also started to spread to a few other countries outside of Europe; for example, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia.

However, the persons with this surname still mainly live in Germany and it is assumed that many with this last name are descendants of the same family. One of the most famous persons with this surname is Hans-Jochen Schlegelberger (1912–1984), German Minister of Justice in the Third Reich from 1942 to 1945 who was sentenced to 12 years in prison after the war.

Variations of the surname Schlegelberger

The surname Schlegelberger is primarily of German origin, and is a variant of the common German surname “Schlegel”. This name is derived from the Middle High German word “schlegel,” which means “small hammer or club.” It is likely that the original bearer of the name was an influential craftsman or crafts father within his community.

Variants of the Schlegelberger name include: Schlegel, Schlegelbärger, Schlegelberger, Schlegelburg, Schlegelmacher, Schlegelmeier, Schlegelmilch, and Schlegelmüller. All of these variants can also take on alternate spellings such as: Schlegelbäurger, Schlegelbergh, Schlegelburger, Schlegelbergerin, Schlegelmähler, Schlegelmilch, Schlegelmüllerin, and Schlegelpepper.

The variants of the Schlegelberger surname are also found in different parts of the world, including Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, among other places. Some common Austrian spellings and variants of the name include: Schlegelbergerin, Schlegelbärender, Schlegelbeger, Schlegelfest, and Schlegelpurger. In Switzerland and the Czech Republic, variants of the name include Schlegeltoger, Schlegelmacherin, Schlegelen, Schlegelzig, and Schlegelvogel.

No matter the spelling or variant, the Schlegelberger surname is always rooted in the original word “schlegel,” a symbol of strength and craftsmanship.

Famous people with the name Schlegelberger

  • Franz Schlegelberger: A prominent Nazi legal theorist who served as Minister of Justice from 1932 to 1942 in Nazi Germany. He was eventually tried in the Nuremberg Trials and found not guilty of war crimes.
  • Kurt Schlegelberger: An Austrian chemist and inventor. His inventions include the development of petrol-based fuels from plant oils, which led to the development of modern synthetic fuels.
  • Erich Schlegelberger: A German film actor, who was especially well-known for his roles in comedy and horror films.
  • Karl Schlegelberger: A German admiral of the Imperial German Navy during World War I. He was the fleet's commander during the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
  • Fritz Schlegelberger: A German astronomer who is best remembered for discovering several asteroids, including the first dwarf planet, Ceres.
  • Prince Schlegelberger: A Prussian prince and one of the members of the Prussian House of Lords from the late 19th century.
  • Elizabeth Schlegelberger: A German women's rights activist, who is best remembered for her efforts to raise awareness of gender disparity in German society and politics during the 19thcentury.
  • Yvonne Schlegelberger: A German educator and author, who wrote extensively on education and women's rights in the 19th century.
  • Monika Schlegelberger: A German author and scholar, who is best known for her research on German and European literature.

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