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Surname Schlegemilch - Meaning and Origin

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Schlegemilch: What does the surname Schlegemilch mean?

The last name Schlegemilch is a German surname with an origin in the city of Schlegelmilch, located near Magdeburg, in the state Saxony-Anhalt. This old city may have been founded as early as the 12th century and was later named after two Mecklenburg-born brothers who owned a tavern there. The surname is derived from the city's name, and is believed to mean “cleverly crafted milch” – or, “cleverly made milk” in reference to a specialty food product created by the family.

Today, Schlegemilch is found not only in Germany but in countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world. This is likely due to the popularity of Schlegemilch products, which the family first produced in the 1600s and which are still sold today. They include a variety of milk-based items, from ice cream to baked goods, jams and jellies, custards, and puddings.

The Schlegemilch family is remembered not only for its longstanding tradition of food-making, but also for its contributions to the local community. In the past, members of the family have held important roles in the city, including one serving as the mayor of Schlegelmilch. Furthermore, their legacy still lives on in the names of four local streets (Schlegelmilchstraße, Schlegemilcherstraße, and so on) and a children’s park. Overall, the Schlegemilch name has become synonymous with craftsmanship and communal responsibility, as well as a delicious treat.

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Schlegemilch: Where does the name Schlegemilch come from?

The last name Schlegemilch is most commonly found today in parts of Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. In 2020, Schlegemilch was the 1,695th most common surname in Germany and the 66,504th most common surname in Switzerland.

In the Netherlands, Schlegemilch is largely clustered in the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, and Zuid-Holland, where it ranked as the 4,623rd most common surname in the country as a whole. It is likely that some Dutch, Swiss, and Austrian Schlegemilchs are descended from families who have belonged to these regions for centuries.

In the United States, Schlegemilch is largely concentrated around the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Florida. According to data from the 2000 US census, the surname was the 17,097th most common surname in the US overall.

Although Schlegemilch is found in quite a few different countries, its greatest concentration is around the German-speaking countries of northern and central Europe. Today it remains a relatively rare surname, made up of a few distinct branches of descent.

Variations of the surname Schlegemilch

The surname Schlegemilch has many variants in spelling and pronunciation. The main variant is Schlaegermilch, but other variations of the name include Schlegemilch, Schlegemille, Schlegermill, Schlegemill, Schlegermull, Schlegamull, Schlegemull, Schlaegermill, and Schlagermill.

In some cases, Schlegemilch has taken on alternative surname spellings depending on language and dialect, such as Schlaegermilch in Germany, Schlagermill in Austria, and Schlegermull in the Netherlands.

Some other variants of the name include Schlegermueller, Schlegermehl, Schlegeremill, Schlegamuhel, and Schlagermuhel. The name is even more varied when the spelling is anglicized, leading to variations like Schlegermyer, Shlegamill, Schlagermeyer, and Shlagamull.

Schlegemilch is also a common surname in some parts of the world, and the various spellings of the name can change depending on the language and region. It can be spelled Schelghamill in Scotland, Schlagemull in the United States, and Schlaegemill in Australia.

Though the variations of the name are varied and diverse, all of these surnames are believed to have originated in Germany and can be traced back to the same geographical location.

Famous people with the name Schlegemilch

  • Warren Schlegemilch: an American-born artist who has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums around the world, including the Tate in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Nipponon Bijyutsu Kan in Tokyo.
  • Matthias Schlegemilch: a German violinist and composer, as well as a conductor, of the early 20th century. He conducted the White Rose Orchestra in Stuttgart and has composed numerous works for piano, string instruments, and smaller orchestras.
  • Michael Schlegemilch: a German industrial designer who founded his own studio in Düsseldorf in 1951. Known for his furniture designs he has participated in numerous exhibitions over the years in Europe and the U.S.
  • Karl Schlegemilch: an Austrian mathematician specialising in numerical analysis and probability theory who worked as a professor at the University of Vienna in the late 1940s and early ’50s.
  • Christa Schlegemilch: a German actress who has appeared in numerous films and television series, most notably in the comedy ‘Meister, Schlager, und Schampus’ and detective mystery series ‘Derrick’.
  • Ivan Schlegemilch: a Czech sculptor and art professor, most known for his bronze sculptures and stone reliefs. He was Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague during the 1980s and ’90s.
  • Oscar Schlegemilch: a Austrian-Hungarian civil engineer and entrepreneur who was responsible for the construction of the first Viennese metro in 1898 as well as building the Wiener Prater amusement park.

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