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The Stokesbury Surname Project


The Stokesbury surname gene project has been initiated to achieve the following goals:1. To identify related lines within the United States, and around the world, including all the variant spellings such as Stokesbury, Stokesberry, Stokesbary, Stretchbury, Stotesbury, Stuchbury, Stooksbury, Stookesberry.2. To help determine the time frame for the common ancestors.3. To help determine the country or countries of orgin for the family name.4. To help prove or disprove some of the common family legends that have been handed down through the generations.5. To provide new directions for our family history research.We invite any males with the surname to participate. If you are a female, you can sponsor a test for one of your male family members. You may also contribute funds to help others who may not be able to afford to participate. We encourage you to consider the 27 marker test. Please feel free to contact me for further information (see Contact Group Administrator below).



Other surnames in Project

Stokenbury, Stokesbary, Stokesberry, Stokesbury, Stookesberry, Stooksberry, Stooksbury, Stotesbury, Stretchberry, Strichbury, Stuchbury, Stutchbury

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