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The VINCOLO Surname Project


Location: Sicily 1906---- Ancient crossroad of seafaring cultures for 1000s of years for Roman, Greek, Arab, Egyptian, Phoenician, Saracens, Persian, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Viking and the French, English and Spanish voyagers.-------------- Story opens with a little 10 year old orphan, leaning under the sparse shade of an olive tree on the side of a warm stony mound of earth, standing watch over his small herd of white Agrigento goats. He looks far out beyond the falling hills of Misilmeri, down to the flat blue/green sea, thinking, someday I will go to Ame'reca.----- Never looking back, now 17, he and his (little does he know, future brother-in-law) buddy, have their tickets on the S.Guglielmo leaving Palermo bound for America looking ahead for the American Dream in 1913.----- Now 2007, I'm looking back, far across the years to 1896, beyond the frightened couple that left him to grow up alone, looking for my Grandfather's family, my father's family, my family, our children's family, Our Namesake.----- Isn't this what We are all here looking for????????----- **The following Surnames, as well as other variations, have entered the United States over the decades back to the 1800s and though, by accident or design, these names changed along the way and many of them if not all on those ship's manifest records were originally spelled: VINCOLO, as well as on many future US Census Records.------- e.g. Now: Angelo VincolA--- Was: [Angelo Vincolo] = clearly visible on document,,,, e.g. Now: Raymond VincolS--- Was: [Raymond Vincolo] = clearly visible on document,,,, e.g. Now: Joe VincAlo--- [Joe Vincolo] = clearly visible on document,,,, ==================== PROJECT GOAL:::: ASKING ALL; Vincolo and Vin Colo, VinColo, Vincols, Vincolis, Vincola, Vin Cola, VinCola, Vincalo, Vinnicola, Vinnicolo, Vinicola, Vanicolo, Vancola, Van Cola, VanCola, Vancole, Vincoli and any other composite of those names;--- To Join Our Family Tree DNA (VINCOLO surname project) and find out who's related to whom, to make additions to your families and assist with anyone's on going Family Tree Research and hopefully we're All Cousins.--- Other Family Tree DNA tests can also help You locate all of the other branches in your Family Tree on your Mother's side!--- To join the (VINCOLO Surname Project), please fill out the order form below and Your DNA test kit will be mailed tomorrow. Good Luck!



Other surnames in Project

Van Cola, Vancola, Vancole, Vanicolo, Vin Cola, Vin Colo, Vincalo, Vincola, Vincoli, Vincolis, Vincolo, Vincols, Vinicola, Vinnicola, Vinnicolo

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