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Surname Alberter - Meaning and Origin

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Alberter: What does the surname Alberter mean?

The surname Alberter is an occupational name derived from the Middle High German word 'albreht' meaning 'noble bold'. It was commonly used for someone who held a position of power or rank such as a ruler. It is believed to have originated from the name "Albrecht" and was especially common in Bavaria and Bohemia during the Middle Ages.

Today, Alberter can be found in many parts of the world, especially the United States, where it is one of the top 2,500 surnames. People with this surname often have German roots, although the surname has spread to many other countries throughout the centuries.

Some variants of Alberter over the years include Albrecht, Alberecht, Alberto, Albin, Albertus, Albyer, Albertson, and Albertes.

The Alberter surname can be a symbol of strength and determination. The surname implies a royal background and a person of power and strength. This is usually reflected in the people who carry the Alberter surname, who are often seen as wise, kind, and generous leaders. They are known for having a good eye for detail, a passion for justice, and a strong sense of loyalty.

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Alberter: Where does the name Alberter come from?

The last name Alberter is common among people from the countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and parts of Franconia. It is a surname of Germanic origin, and also quite rare in other parts of the world. In the United States, it is most commonly found in California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

In Austria, it is fairly common in Tyrol, Salzburg, Upper and Lower Austria, and Vienna. In Germany, it is widely found in the south, including Bavaria, and it is especially concentrated around the German-speaking parts of the former Austrian Empire.

In Switzerland, the name Alberter is especially common in the cantons of St. Gall, Valais, and Bern. In the parts of Franconia that are located in the west of Germany, such as the Palatinate, Alberter is also a common surname.

The Alberter name can nowadays also be found in North and South America, especially among the descendants of German immigrants who moved to those locations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In recent years, the Alberter name has even spread to Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Alberter

The surname Alberter is derived from a German and Jewish surname, which utilizes 'Alb' as the root. In different regions, the surname can have slightly different spellings such as Albeert, Albeeert, Albeerdt, Albeerth, Albeerthe, Alberte, Albertee, Albertey, Allberdt, Allberte, Allbirt, Allbirtz, etc. This name is also related to the English surname Albert, which is derived from the same root, and is well known for being one of the most popular surnames in history.

It can often be confused with other surname variants such as Albrecht, Albrecht, Albrechts, Albrecht's, Albers, or Alpert. While these names are related, they are all derived from different languages. For instance, Albrecht is of German origin, Alberts is Dutch, and Alpert is a variant of the Jewish surname.

The surname Alberter can also be found in other surnames such as Alberg, Albergs, Alburg, Alburger, Alwert, Elbirt, Elbert, Elbirt, Älbert, Älberts, Olvert, Uelbert, Ulberts, and Wilbirt.

In the United States, a variant form of the name, Allbirte, is most commonly found. This variant name is also common in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is not uncommon to see other surname spellings in the U.S., such as Alberty, Albertye, Alburts, Albyrt, Albirtz, and Allbirtz.

Overall, the surname Alberter is derived from the original German and Jewish gaols and is found in many variants even in contemporary times. Despite the variants in spelling and surnames of the same origin, the surname always remains rooted in its original form.

Famous people with the name Alberter

  • Jean Louis Alberteau (1883–1958), French politician, jurist and freemason.
  • Jason Albertelli (born 1967), American film producer and director.
  • Johnny Alberts (born 1993), Dutch footballer.
  • Rico Albertelli (born 1992), Argentine footballer.
  • Edoardo Albertelli (1883–1976), Italian playwright.
  • Émile Alberte (1841–1911), French sculptor.
  • Lola Alberte (born 1978), Mexican singer and actress.
  • Bruce Alberts (born 1938), American biochemist and molecular biologist.
  • Shlomi Alberts (born 1988), Israeli mixed martial artist.
  • Marino Alberte (born 1985), Spanish footballer.
  • Sarah Albertson (born 1973), American former professional basketball player.
  • Salvador Alberte (born 1955), Spanish sculptor.
  • Paul-Gustave Alberte (1858–1932), French painter and lithographer.
  • Tiburcio Alberganti (1850–1938), Colombian-Venezuelan writer, journalist and politician.
  • Fabian Albertelli (born 1974), Argentine former footballer.
  • Luigi Albertelli (1897–1935), Italian Roman Catholic prelate.
  • Nick Albertella (born 1992), American professional basketball player.
  • Carmen Alberte (born 1962), Spanish sprinter.
  • Antanas Alberte (1918–2003), Lithuanian Communist politician.
  • Rich Albertelli (born 1958), American college basketball coach.

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