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Surname Alberth - Meaning and Origin

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Alberth: What does the surname Alberth mean?

The last name Alberth is derived from the German word "Albrecht," which means "noble bright" or "highborn." This surname likely originated as an occupational name for a member of the upper class, including nobles, knights, and landowners. Individuals with this last name were likely influential and held a certain respect within their communities.

Originally, it is likely that the Alberth surname would have been popular in Germanic or medieval regions. As this name spread, it crossed borders and branches of Alberth can be found all over Europe and, eventually, in the United States.

Within English, the name has been modified to include the suffix "-th" which was typical of the language at the time. Alberth, as it is known in English, is recorded as early as the late 1800s.

Alberth is a prestigious name, steeped in centuries of tradition and status. Those who carry the Alberth name are likely proud to represent the legacy of their ancestors.

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Alberth: Where does the name Alberth come from?

The last name Alberth is most commonly found in Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Germanic and Slavic countries in Eastern Europe also have a substantial population with the surname Alberth. Areas with other Germanic influences, such as the Netherlands, and regions of France that were formerly German-speaking, may also have populations with the surname Alberth.

In the United States, occasions of the name Alberth are relatively rare but nonetheless present in many different regions. In fact, a quick search reveals that there are currently Alberth's living in states as diverse as Florida, California, New York, as well as all the way up to Alaska.

In Mexico and Latin America, the surname Alberth is also quite well-represented, particularly in communities with German-speaking ancestors. It is not uncommon to find members of this last name in Mexico City, Chiapas, Sinaloa as well as in neighbouring Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

The last name Alberth is an old one with a long history. Records of the name go back as far as the 16th century in Europe, and it has remained quite consistent in popularity, with a continuous presence throughout its history and in many different countries and cultures worldwide.

Variations of the surname Alberth

The surname Alberth is a historically Germanic surname first recorded in the 14th century. The origin of the surname most likely lies in the old Germanic elements alb (elf) and berht (bright), making the literal translation of the surname ‘bright elf’. The surname is found in many different generations and regions, generally in the form of Albert, Alburt, Alberts, Albrecht, Albrechts, Berth, Berths, Albrech, Albrecher, Albrechs, Albrecht-s, Albrechtson, Albrechtsen, and Albrycht.

It should be noted that the variants and spellings of Alberth are not limited to these examples. Over the centuries, given the variety of languages in which the surname has been spelled, it has been found under a variety of spellings, including Albertin, Alberton, Albort, Alberti, Alberto, Alpert, Vincent, Albertus, Aubert and Alberty.

In some areas of the world, the main surname form varies from region to region. In Denmark the main form is Albrecht, while in Italy it is Alberte and in France it is Alberti. Similarly, in Ireland it is usually found as Albrecht while in Scotland it is usually found as Albert or Albrecht.

The surname Alberth is often found with different first names such as Bergth, Berchtold, Bertram, Berthold, Elbert, Ebert, Hildebrecht, Hubert, Lambert, Lambertus, and Walbrecht. It is also found in various surname combinations such as Albrecht-Neumann, Albrechtshain, Albrechtson, and Albrycht-Kannen.

Famous people with the name Alberth

  • Ethan Alberth: Artist and musician from the band Ghost Blood Jr.
  • Paul Alberth: German actor and writer.
  • Erik Alberth: Professional snowboarder and founder of the snowboard brand, FireCrow.
  • Christian Alberth: Professional golfer and winner of the 2010 CVS Charity Classic.
  • Annette Alberth: Austrian singer and actress.
  • Patrick Alberth: Austrian photographer and model.
  • Ruth Alberth: American pianist and composer.
  • Tobias Alberth: German filmmaker and director.
  • Katherine Alberth: American fashion designer.
  • Joe Alberth: Canadian hockey player and former NHL All-Star.

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