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Surname Albers - Meaning and Origin

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Albers: What does the surname Albers mean?

The surname Albers is of Dutch, German, and Danish origin. It is a patronymic last name derived from the personal name Albert, meaning "son of Albert". The name Albert itself is of old German origin and is composed of two elements - "adel", meaning noble, and "berht", translating to bright or famous. Translated fully, Albert represents a noble brightness or famous for nobility. Due to geographical distribution and varying dialects, variations of the surname Albers are found throughout regions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The surname Albers is fairly common, but especially so in the United States, where it is most prevalent. Outside of the US, the largest concentration of people with the Albers surname are found in Germany, followed by the Netherlands. As with many last names its exact origins are uncertain and may have varied between different families using the name, but generally, the name Albers represents the descendants of an Albert who established their own families and lineages.

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Albers: Where does the name Albers come from?

The last name Albers is of German origin. It is derived from the personal name Albert which is composed of elements meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’. It is a patronymic surname, meaning it was initially used to denote 'son of Albert'. The name emerged as a common surname during the Medieval era when the practice of adopting surnames based on ones' paternal ancestors gradually became widespread.

Today, the surname Albers is predominantly found in Germany, where it remains common. In Germany, it is more prevalent in the northern regions. Outside of Germany, the surname has also spread, via emigration, to countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, and various nations in South America. It maintains a strong presence in these nations, particularly in areas with significant German immigrant populations. Nevertheless, it is most commonly found within Germany. Its distribution remains relatively scarce in non-German-speaking countries, making it a recognizable element of German heritage.

Variations of the surname Albers

The surname Albers originates from Germany and is derived from the personal name Albert, which means "noble and bright". It's a patronymic name, meaning it was initially derived from the father's given name. It belongs to the category of surnames known as hereditary surnames.

Some variants of the surname Albers include Alberty, Alberts, Albert, Alberti, and Albrecht. Other possible variations might be Albertsen or Albertson, often associated with Scandinavian countries but of similar derivation. The spelling of these names can sometimes change over time, often due to a phonetic spelling from immigration records.

In the Netherlands, the surname Albers might have derived from the given name Albertus and variants include Alberts, Albertse, and Albertsen.

The surname Albers can also be found as a Jewish Ashkenazic name, although it is less common.

In terms of regional distribution, the surname Albers is most prevalent in Germany, followed by the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada. However, it must also be noted that surnames can often be influenced by regional dialects, translations, and cultural changes. As a result, the listing is not exhaustive but gives an idea of the surname's variations and origins.

Famous people with the name Albers

  • Josef Albers: A German-born American artist and educator, best known for his work in abstract painting and color theory.
  • Anni Albers: A German-born American textile artist and printmaker. She was married to Josef Albers.
  • A.Y Albers: A Dutch designer and mechanic.
  • Hans Albers: A German actor and singer, best known for his role in the film "The Blue Angel".
  • Albert Albers: A German engineer known for his contributions to automotive technology.
  • Hendrik Jan Albers: A Dutch cyclist who participated in several international competitions.
  • Johann Albers: A German cardiologist and anatomist known for discovering the Albers-Schönberg disease.
  • Marion Josephine Albers: An American judge who served on the California Second District Court of Appeal.
  • Sanny Albers: A Dutch field hockey player who competed in the Summer Olympics.
  • Nick Albers: An American professional baseball player.
  • Andrew Albers: A Canadian professional baseball pitcher for Orix Buffaloes.

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