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Surname Alberd - Meaning and Origin

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Alberd: What does the surname Alberd mean?

The last name Alberd is of German origin and can be found in records as early as the year 1291 A.D. It is derived from the personal name Albert, which comes from the Germanic name Adalbert, composed of the elements adal, meaning “noble or honorable” and berht, meaning “bright or famous”. The name is also used as a surname in some areas of Europe; in some cases, the original spelling of the name was changed to a more modern spelling like Alberd.

The name Alberd usually refers to the descendants of Adalbert, the legendary founder of Gormania, an 11th century nation situated in what is now Germany and Austria. The original Alberd family likely lived in a small castle located in what is now Munich, and played an important role in the Bavarian court. The Alberd family was also renowned for their aptitude in military arts, serving in various battles throughout the centuries.

Today, Alberd is not a particularly common surname, though those who bear it are proud of its rich history. They are known to be independent and determined individuals. Alberds can be found in a variety of professions including business, sports, cuisine, and the arts. No matter where life takes them, they are sure to leave their mark on the world.

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Alberd: Where does the name Alberd come from?

The last name Alberd is commonly found in the Netherlands today. It is believed to have derived from the Middle Dutch word albrecht, meaning "noble" or "illustrious". The surname appears most frequently in the province of Gelderland, where it ranks 13th among one of the most common family names in the province. It is also found in smaller numbers throughout the Netherlands, particularly in other nearby provinces including Overijssel, Utrecht, and Flevoland.

Alberd is also a common surname in Belgium, mainly in the provinces of Liège and Flanders. The last name is relatively uncommon in the United States, but is increasingly found in places like California, New York, and New Jersey. There, it is thought to be introduced by Dutch and Flemish immigrants who traveled to the country in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Outside of Europe, Alberd is rare. It is found sparingly in countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This suggests that the surname has not been largely taken up by Australians, Canadians, or New Zealanders of Dutch descent.

Variations of the surname Alberd

Alberd is an uncommon surname, likely derived from the Germanic name Albert. Other variants and spellings of Alberd are usually localized to a particular part of the world, but the most common are Alberts, Alberte and Alpert.

In the U.S., Alberd is mainly found in the Midwestern states of Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Common spellings among the three states are Albracht, Albrecht and Albrechts. In Nebraska, the spelling often changes to Albrecht or Alberts. Other variants found in the Central U.S. include Aubert, Elbert, Olbrecht and Ulberts.

In Germany, the surname Alberd is found in the many of the northern states, most commonly in Bavaria as Albrecht, Albrechts, Albrech or Albrecht. Similarly, common variants in Austria are Albrecht and Albrechts.

In England, the spelling of Alberd is found mainly in the North West. Other variants include Elburts, Elbert and Ellist.

In Scotland, variants of Alberd include Elberts, Elbrecht and Elbert.

Other regional spellings of Alberd include Elbrecht (East Prussian), Abelhart or Abalhart (Luxembourg), Aebels (Netherlands), Aobold (Switzerland) and Aperts (Latvia).

Famous people with the name Alberd

  • Tessa Alberd:172nd ranked professional female tennis player best known for her doubles career.
  • Allan Alberd: vividly remembered as one of the most successful songwriters and writers in contemporary R&B and rap.
  • Tony Alberd: a professional animator and special effects artist, best known for his involvement in the production of many films and television series.
  • Lex Alberd: a theatre performer and actor, Liverpool-born and based in London.
  • Raymond Alberd: a multi-award-winning Brazilian illustrator and visual artist
  • Luca Alberd: a professional footballer and current member of the Barbarenos football club.
  • Ahmad Alberd: a renowned Pakistani-American architect and founder of Alberd & Associates architecture firm.
  • Wes Alberd: an American YouTube celebrity known for his active and humorous lifestyle vlogs.
  • Joe Alberd: a renowned New York-based jazz and blues musician and songwriter.
  • Eugene Alberd: an award-winning American visual artist and sculptor.

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