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Surname Albertes - Meaning and Origin

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Albertes: What does the surname Albertes mean?

The last name Albertes is most likely a Spanish- or Catalan-based surname, with the root being the first name Alberte or Albert. It is a derivation of the Germanic name Adalbert, composed of two elements: adal, meaning "noble" or "nobility," and berht, meaning "bright" or "famous."

The surname is likely to have originated from a Latin-based variant of one of the above with names such as Albertus and Alberto. It would have been given to individuals who were perceived as being noble, brave or intelligenct.

The oldest recorded variant is Alberteus from Spain in the early 13th century, while the earliest in England is recorded in about the year 1200. By the 19th century, Albertes had spread to America and Canada, especially in some of the northern states such as New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

The meaning behind the name Albertes, therefore, is that of nobility, bravery, and intelligence. It is a reminder of a proud heritage. In the modern day, Albertes is still a common name, helping to carry on the tradition of the past.

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Albertes: Where does the name Albertes come from?

The last name Albertes is most commonly found in areas of Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. This surname is quite rare in other parts of the world.

In Portugal, Albertes is primarily used in the Rodrigues District of the Azores Islands where it is one of the most widely used surnames. This name is also found scattered across mainland Portugal, but primarily in the Northeastern region.

In Spain, Albertes is most commonly seen in the Andalusian region of the country, especially around Seville and Malaga. Practically all of Spain’s provinces have a small amount of Albertes, but those areas with higher concentrations are predominantly in the south.

In Latin America, Albertes is present in multiple countries including Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Costa Rica. This surname is especially popular in northern Mexico, where it has been present since the late 1500s. Today, Albertes is one of the most common surnames throughout Mexico’s 28 different states.

Overall, Albertes is a relatively rare name outside of Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. Though the origins of this name are unknown, it is likely derived from either German or Latin and dates back to the Middle Ages.

Variations of the surname Albertes

The surname Albertes has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. One of the most common variant spellings is Alberti. This variant is derived from the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese root of the name, Alberte, and is also the most commonly used form of the surname in France and Belgium. Alberte or Albertis can also be found in other versions of the surname, such as Albret, Albert, and Albertino.

Albertes is also similar to the Germanic form of the name, Albrecht, which is found in Germany, Austria, and throughout southeastern Europe. In Germany, Albertes may also be spelled Albrecht or Albrechts.

The Jewish surname Albertes is derived from the Hebrew root of the name, Eliezer. This version of the surname is most commonly found among Jewish populations in Eastern Europe and in the United States. It is also sometimes spelled Alberts or Albertstein.

The surname Albertes is also found in English and Irish populations. In England, it is most commonly found spelled Albert or Alberts, and in Ireland, it may be spelled as Albert, Albertson, or Alberts.

Given all of the various spellings and variants of the surname Albertes, it is likely that it has its roots in multiple languages, cultures, and regions. Its popularity and prevalence across Europe and beyond suggests that the name has been in use for centuries, and it will likely continue to be used for many more generations to come.

Famous people with the name Albertes

  • Penélope Cruz: famous Spanish actress, painter, and model.
  • Hugo Albertes: Venezuelan film director, writer, and producer.
  • Antonio Albertes: world renowned Spanish painter and sculptor.
  • Octavio Albertes: Cuban musician and composer of traditional Cuban music.
  • Francisco De Albertes: Argentine writer and journalist who wrote numerous articles and books.
  • Luisa Albertes: Spanish actress and television presenter.
  • Carles Albertes: Spanish poet, writer, and researcher.
  • Enrique Albertes: award-winning Spanish film director and screenwriter.
  • Dámaso Albertes: Chilean musician, singer, and composer.
  • Cristina Albertes: Spanish-American actress, model, and singer.

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