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Surname Barree - Meaning and Origin

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Barree: What does the surname Barree mean?

The last name Barree is of French origin and is derived from the French word for 'dwelling'. It is believed to have been a name used to indicate a family's place of residence.

The Barree surname is most commonly found in the Picardy region of France, where records indicate that families bearing the name were well established in the area in the late 17th century. Additionally, records in North America suggest that many of the earliest Barree immigrants originated from France during the late 1800s.

In France, the Barree family was renowned for its renowned winemaking heritage, with estates located in the town of Epernay in the Champagne region. This is likely one of the reasons that many Barree individuals in North America made their living by cultivating vineyards; others took up occupations such as merchants, clerks, and farmers.

Today, the Barree name is still prominent in France, North America, and other countries worldwide. In France, the family continues to maintain its winemaking legacy, while North American Barrees have established themselves in a variety of industries. All said, the Barree name is a reminder that even with international cultural changes, some family traditions can endure time and space.

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Barree: Where does the name Barree come from?

The last name Barree is a common surname today, mainly found in the United States and Canada.

In the United States, the last name Barree is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, especially in the counties of Adams, Franklin, York, and Lancaster. Barree is also found in other states, including Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia.

In Canada, the last name Barree is most commonly found in Ontario and is concentrated mainly near Toronto. It is also very common in the city of Ottawa.

Barree is also a very common last name in the United Kingdom and Ireland, particularly in the region of Ireland known as the 'lowlands' which includes Belfast, Belfast Lough, Co. Antrim, Co. Down, and Co. Derry.

In Australia and New Zealand, the last name Barree is not as common as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Ireland, but there are still some individuals with this last name - particularly in the cities of Sydney and Auckland.

The last name Barree can also be found in other countries, including India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Jamaica.

Variations of the surname Barree

The surname Barree has many alternative spellings and variant forms. These include Barre, Barret, Barrette, Barrat, Baratt, Barrat, Barratte, Baratt and Barrette. Each of these spellings has its own unique origin and meaning, though they all have a common link to the family name Barree.

The most popular variant of this surname is Barre, which is believed to have descended from the Old French word "barre", meaning "barrier". The word itself may have been a reference to a physical barrier erected by a family, or it could have been used metaphorically to refer to a quality that set the family apart from others, such as strength or determination. Barre is an especially common variant of Barree in France and Canada.

Barret and Barrette are thought to have derived from the Old French diminutive endings "-ette" and "-et", respectively, meaning "little". This would suggest that the family name refers to a small family or branch of a larger one.

Barat and Barratt are both variants believed to have come from the Anglo-Norman French word "barrat", which means "facceptance". This may have been an indication of an organized family structure or a particular family's acceptance into a particular society.

Finally, Barratte is a form of Barrat which has an Anglicized spelling. In this spelling, the "t" at the end has been replaced with a double "t".

Overall, the surname Barree has many variant forms, spellings, and associated surnames. Each of these variants has its own unique origin and meaning, though they all stem from the same family name.

Famous people with the name Barree

  • Michael Barree (Actor)
  • Lee Barree (Musician)
  • Claudia Barree (Actress)
  • Jonathan Barree (Comedian)
  • Eva Barree (Circus Performer)
  • Simon Barree (Choreographer)
  • Jamie Barree (Broadcast Journalist)
  • Jan Barree (Visual Effects Artist)
  • Alan Barree (Author and Lyricist)
  • Rob Barree (Artist)
  • Katherine Barree (Sculptor)
  • Richard Barree (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Dominik Barree (Philanthropist)
  • Bart Barree (Historian)
  • Melissa Barree (Chef)
  • Abigail Barree (Internationally Known Businesswoman)
  • Ben Barree (Stunt Driver)
  • Kailley Barree (Stage Manager)
  • Blaire Barree (Interior Designer)
  • Jack Barree (Sports Analyst)

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