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Surname Barrey - Meaning and Origin

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Barrey: What does the surname Barrey mean?

The last name Barrey is a French last name derived from the Germanic surname 'Barre', which is a variant of the Proto-Germanic personal name Beraht, meaning 'bright, shining' or 'shining fame'. This was a relatively common name in France during the Middle Ages and was borne by several French-Canadian, French settlers in America during the 17th century. The name Barrey is also found in England and Ireland during the same period.

Some say the name Barrey was given to those with a love for barrels, as the name was derived from the Old French word 'barril,' meaning 'barrel'. Some sources suggest that the name was also adopted by French immigrants who moved to Canada, as the name is found in several French-Canadian families.

The surname Barrey is also found in countries like Belgium, where the Barleading family was quite common. The Barleading family made a contribution to the economy of the region by brewing and selling beer.

Whichever of the possible origins is true, the Barrey family has had a considerable amount of migration and mixing over the centuries, making it a truly global family. People with the last name Barrey can trace their origin back to French, English, and Irish roots, and today the name is quite common around the world.

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Barrey: Where does the name Barrey come from?

The last name Barrey is originally French and can be found in France today, in areas such as Normandy, Alsace, Lorraine, Picardy, and the Midi Pyrénées. The name is also known in Italy, though it is much rarer, primarily found in the north and north-central parts of the country. Outside of Europe, the last name is found sporadically in the United States, particularly in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington. It is also more prevalent among French-Canadians and is commonly seen in Canadian provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

Variations of the surname–such as Barre, Barris, Bay, Barri, and Barra–are seen in parts of France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, though these are much less common than the original form. As with any surname, the geographic location in which the surname is most commonly found can vary from region to region. In general, however, the last name Barrey is a relatively rare name outside of France, though it can still be found in other parts of Europe and the Americas.

Variations of the surname Barrey

The Barrey surname is an uncommon one that can be accessed worldwide. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin can be found in different countries.

The most common variation is Baer, which is of German origin. It is related to the Barrey name in that it is an occupational surname derived from the profession of one who "shaves" or provides "barber" services. Another derivative is Barri, an Italian name developed from the Latin word "barium", meaning a "fortified fortress".

Another form of the Barrey surname is Bary, with origins in France and Germany. This form has also been seen in Scotland. Bary is a variation of the German name Baer, meaning a "bear".

A variation in spelling with a slightly different sound is Barrett, an Old English name derived from the French word "bearite", meaning "man of arms". Another form is Bearry, a Dutch-Frisian name derived from the Old German "berahthat" meaning "bear corner".

Finally, the Barrey surname has a Jewish equivalent in the form of Bar-Nahor. This is an Eastern European name derived from the words "bar" and "nahor", meaning "son of Nahor". It was originally used to refer to descendants of Nahor II, the biblical ancestor of Abraham.

In summary, the Barrey surname has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is available in many countries in the world and derived from multiple languages, including German, Italian, French, Dutch-Frisian and Eastern European.

Famous people with the name Barrey

  • Alexander Barrey: Alexander Barrey is a French professional basketball player currently playing for the BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque of the French LNB Pro A as a guard.
  • Tammy Barrey: Tammy Barrey is an American artist and fashion designer living in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in several magazines and fashion exhibitions.
  • Bill Barrey: Bill Barrey is an American retired Major League Baseball player who played for the Chicago Cubs in the early 1970s. He was an All-Star in 1971 and later served as a coach.
  • Taliek Barrey: Taliek Barrey is a former American football defensive back who played college football at Syracuse University. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round of the 2004 NFL Draft.
  • Abigail Barrey: Abigail Barrey is a Canadian actress best known for her roles in the TV series Flashpoint and Rookie Blue. She has also starred in several films, including Paint Cans, Reasonable Doubt and Scare Tactics.
  • Mark Barrey: Mark Barrey is an American country music singer-songwriter who released four studio albums between 1997 and 2006. He has had three top 20 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.
  • Vincent Barrey: Vincent Barrey is a French former professional Rally car driver who won the Monte Carlo Rally three times in the 1980s. He also held the record for the most consecutive wins in the Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo from 1984–1986.
  • Elvis Barrey: Elvis Barrey was a brief-lived reggae artist in the late 1970s who released several singles including “Runaway” and “City Life”. He has also been credited with writing songs for Max Romeo.
  • Nobby Barrey: Nobby Barrey is a British comedy writer and actor known for his work on the children’s television series Tiswas in the 1980s. He also wrote and appeared in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

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