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Surname Barreto - Meaning and Origin

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Q. Barreto

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Barreto: What does the surname Barreto mean?

The last name Barreto is of Portuguese origin and means "son of Barrett," although some families take the name from their family trade. It is derived from the Latin word "baretum," meaning cap, or a felt hat. The phrase "son of Barrett" may refer to several possible occupations, such as a hat maker, a tanner, or a metal worker.

In Portugal, where the name is most common, the Barreto line began with Afonso Barreto, son of Maio Afonso Rodrigues, who lived in 12th century Portugal. He is believed to be the founding ancestor of the surname Barreto. It was a popular name in the southern region of Portugal and was used by many iconic figures in Portuguese history, such as Alfonzoela de Onorato barreto, who helped Ernesto de Espinola found the Republic of Espiriti-Santo in 1645.

The Barreto name is also found in countries such as Spain, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. In Spain, the name is derived from the Spanish phrase “Barretero,” meaning someone who made or sold hats. In Brazil, the Barreto surname has either Castilian or Portuguese origins, and some families use the phrase “O Barreto” as an honorific title for the head of the family. In Puerto Rico, the Barreto name is most commonly associated with the city of Barreto in the province of San Juan.

No matter what its origin, the surname Barreto is of great historical and cultural importance, and is shared by people all over the world.

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Barreto: Where does the name Barreto come from?

The last name Barreto is a Portuguese surname that is common today in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and France. In Portugal, there are Barretos almost everywhere: from Lisbon and Porto in the north to Coimbra and Évora in the south. There are an estimated 270,000 Barretos in Portugal.

In Brazil, the Barreto surname is widespread. It is among the 100 most common surnames in Brazil and there are over one million people with this last name throughout the country. The most common region to find the Barreto surname is in the state of Amazonas, where there are tens of thousands of people with this last name.

In Spain, Barreto is a common surname among Spanish-speakers. In Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, there are many Barretos.

In France, Barreto is a relatively recent addition to the list of French surnames, as it is more widely used by the French who come from French-speaking African countries who have adopted Portuguese names. Barreto is one of the top 200 surnames in France, appearing in almost every region in the country.

Overall, the Barreto surname is most common in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and France, although it is found in other countries as well. The surname appears in many cultures, across multiple countries, but four of the most prevalent current locations are in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and France.

Variations of the surname Barreto

Barreto is a common name of Portuguese origin. This surname can also be seen spelled as Barreto and Barret. The spelling variation of the name Barreto is mainly attributed to its Portuguese roots and the various influences through immigration and colonization.

Variants of the surname Barreto can include Barretto, Barreta, Barritto, Berreto, Barretos, Barretos and Barrete. These variants can be found in Spain, Brazil, Portugal and other parts of South America.

Surnames with similar origins to Barreto include Barreiros, Barros, Barret, Barrett, Barroso, Berardo, Berastegui, Barretta, and Berritto. These surnames may be found throughout Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, and often reflect the linguistic differences between various countries.

In Spanish, the surname Barreto can also be seen spelled as Barretto, Barret and Barrett. Similarly, the Portuguese variant can sometimes be seen spelled Barreto and Barrete, with some individuals using the Italian Barretta or Barrocca.

Moreover, with the increased emigration of people from the region of Barreto, several surnames of the same origin have now spread across the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. The surnames Barrato, Baratto and Barath are examples of further variations that have been derived from the original Barreto.

Overall, Barreto is a Portuguese surname that has several spelling variations, and can also be found as variant surnames around the world.

Famous people with the name Barreto

  • Wagner Barreto: Brazilian singer
  • Adriana Barreto: Brazilian actress
  • Wagner Barreto: Brazilian musical director and producer
  • Sergio Barreto: Brazilian actor
  • Paulo Barreto: Brazilian actor
  • Carla Barreto: Brazilian actress
  • Maria Barreto: Brazilian director
  • Marisa Barreto: Brazilian television presenter
  • Marilia Barreto: Brazilian actress
  • Angelica Barreto: Brazilian actress
  • Camila Barreto: Brazilian Actress
  • Luana Barreto: Brazilian actress
  • Everaldo Barreto: Brazilian footballer
  • Giovanni Barreto: Brazilian singer
  • Lucas Barreto: Brazilian footballer
  • Thiago Barreto: Brazilian singer
  • Fabio Barreto: Brazilian actor, writer and television presenter
  • Marcus Barreto: Brazilian actor
  • Eduardo Barreto: Uruguayan cartoonist
  • Christopher Barreto: American actor

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