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Surname Eastepp - Meaning and Origin

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Eastepp: What does the surname Eastepp mean?

The last name Eastepp is a German surname derived from the German word “osten” meaning east. It is believed that the surname was originally given to people who lived in the east of Germany, namely the districts of Prussia, Silesia, and other regions of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Eastepp surname can be traced back to the mid-16th century when many German families traveled to the New World in search of a better life. It is possible that the Eastepp family were among those who set sail for America. The Eastepp name is mainly concentrated in the United States in states such as Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The most common variation of the Eastepp surname is “Estopp”, which is believed to have originated from a dialect variation of the Eastepp name. The surname appears to have experienced some spelling changes over time, with some members of the Eastepp family adopting slightly altered versions of the name, such as Estop, Easter, and Estep.

The Eastepp surname reflects the long-standing history and culture of Germany. This family name symbolises the enduring journey of the Eastepp family from Germany to the United States, where they eventually settled.

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Eastepp: Where does the name Eastepp come from?

The last name Eastepp is believed to be of Germanic origin, derived from a place. While place names are common sources of surnames, it is very difficult to trace the exact geographic origin of Eastepp. It is most likely derived from a place where an ancestor of the name bearer lived, worked, or held land during medieval times.

Over the centuries, the last name Eastepp has spread around the world. Today, people with this surname are found in many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium, and the United States. With the increase of migration, the last name Eastepp can also be encountered in other countries.

In the United States, the last name Eastepp is more common in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. However, it is still relatively rare relative to other surnames. In the 2020 US census, less than 300 people bore the name Eastepp.

The German-American Eastepp family is a prominent member of the Eastepp name. The Eastepps have been living in the US since Mitchel Eastepp emigrated to Virginia in the early 19th century. Since then, the Eastepp family has established a number of businesses, including restaurants, farms, and banks. Today, members of the Eastepp family are active in education, medicine, and politics. The family has also made significant contributions to the greater society, including providing scholarships to promising students.

Variations of the surname Eastepp

The surname Eastepp is an English occupational name meaning “easter.” Variants of the surname include Estep, Estoppe, Estopps, Estop, Estepp, Estap, Estopp, Estopoe, Estopey, Estobe, Estob, Estobes, Estopey, Eastop, Eastopp, Eastap, Eastope, Eastopey, and Eastobe.

The spelling of the name can be used to differentiate between families that may have been related in the past. Estopps, Estopp, Estobe and Estopoe are variants of Eastepp found primarily in the United Kingdom. Estop, Estap, Estopey, Eastopp, Eastap, Eastope, and Eastopey are found primarily in the United States. Eastepp, Estopoe, Estopey, Eastop, Eastope, and Eastopey are found in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Surnames of the same origin as Eastepp include Estes, Estep, Estip, Estelli, Heste, Estopps, Estob, Estap, Eastop, Eastopp, Eastap, Eastoppe, Estepp, Estobe, Estopey, Eastopey, and Eastobe. These surnames come from the Greek word “stiphos” which means “to grow,” likely indicating an association with spring and Easter.

Many of the descendants of Eastepp today still use variants of the name, demonstrating the longevity and versatility of the surname. It is likely that although most of these families are no longer related, they share a common familial history.

Famous people with the name Eastepp

  • Amanda Eastepp: American Professional CrossFit athlete and coach
  • Robert Eastepp: American actor
  • Sophia Eastepp: American pop singer-songwriter
  • Joe Eastepp: American high jumper
  • Sheila Eastepp: American fashion model
  • Tyler Eastepp: American mixed martial artist
  • Jen Eastepp: American social media influencer and lifestyle blogger
  • Sasha Eastepp: American YouTube vlogger
  • Don Eastepp: American actor
  • Dwight Eastepp: American art director and production designer
  • Leah Eastepp: American burlesque performer
  • Harry Eastepp: American professional baseball player
  • Llewellyn Eastepp: American musician and songwriter
  • Joshua Eastepp: American contemporary artist
  • Corinne Eastepp: American professional dancer
  • Melissa Eastepp: American professional cyclist
  • Kristina Eastepp: American TV show host and comedian
  • Doug Eastepp: American animator and film director
  • Shiloh Eastepp American voice actress
  • Chris Eastepp: American stunt performer and choreographer

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