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Surname Eastey - Meaning and Origin

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Eastey: What does the surname Eastey mean?

Eastey is an Anglo-Saxon surname derived from the Old English word "eastsýthe," which translates to mean "east side." This name was commonly given to those who lived east of a landmark or to people from a village located on the eastern coast of England. The name could also be used to denote those who had relatives living in the east.

During the Middle Ages, when personal surnames were adopted, the surname Eastey was used to define a family's origin or a person's occupation. In some cases, Eastey was used to denote someone who lived on the eastern part of a estate. In other cases, Eastey was used to identify someone who worked in farming or was employed as a shepherd in the Eastern regions.

Today, the surname Eastey is primarily associated with England and Wales but is also found in other countries with strong ties to British culture, such as Australia and the United States. Eastey remains, however, a rare surname, with no notable people adopted the name. However, families still bearing Eastey may take comfort in knowing their surname comes from an ancient and admirable place.

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Eastey: Where does the name Eastey come from?

The surname Eastey is predominantly found in England today. In particular, there is a high concentration in areas such as Kent, Essex and Lincolnshire. That said, the name Eastey can also be found in other parts of the world. Suggestions show that the last name has a small presence in the United States, Canada, Australia and even Scotland.

It is likely that the family name originated within the British Isles. According to records, the earliest Eastey surname can be traced back to the 16th century when records exist of a Richard Eastey in London in 1561.

Throughout the centuries, the Eastey family has spread across England and in more recent years, across the globe. It is not uncommon to find family members bearing the Eastey name living in different locations - not just England, but also in Canada, America, Australia, Scotland and even further afield.

There is a sense within the family of Eastey that, no matter where you live, you are connected through the shared last name and its history. For instance, the family was represented at the D-Day commemorations in 2014, showcasing the international connection within the Eastey clan.

In conclusion, the last name Eastey is currently primarily found in England, but people bearing the same name can be found around the world today.

Variations of the surname Eastey

The surname Eastey is an English and Irish name with many variants.

The most common variants include Eaddy, Esty, Este, Estey, Estee, Eastham, Eastam, Eastaugh, Eastaughffe, Eastaughf, Eastaway, Estoway, Estow, Estove, and Esteway.

In addition, spellings such as Eadie, Estie, Esty, Esthie, Esti, Easthie, Esti, and Eady have also been used.

The surnames derived from Eastey have different origins depending on the country in which it is found. In some cases, it may be derived from the Old English word "east" meaning "east" and the suffix "-ea or -ey" denoting an area belonging to the eastern part of England. In other cases, it may originate from a place name or a topographical feature, such as a river or stream, located in the east. Some of the places from which the surname Eastey may have originated include a village in Worcestershire, a parish in Shropshire, a parish in Carmarthenshire, and a hamlet in Suffolk.

In Ireland, the surname Eastey is derived from the medieval Gaelic name "Eastaigh". This name is a diminutive of the Gaelic word "Easter" meaning "east". It is also believed to be derived from the Old Irish term "eas" meaning "waterfall".

The variants of the name in Scotland include Eastoe, Eistow, Eistove, Esto and Eistawa.

In Germany, Eastey, Eistow, Esda, Estie and Easten may have originated from some form of the Germanic word "aist", meaning "east".

Regardless of the origin, Eastey is considered a unique and relatively rare surname.

Famous people with the name Eastey

  • Ryan Eastey: Musician, songwriter, filmmaker, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • John T. Eastey: US Navy vice admiral who served in World War II.
  • Laura Eastey: British Paralympic wheelchair basketball athlete.
  • Tam Eastey: Canadian actor and screenwriter.
  • Kaylynn Eastey: American actress.
  • Bob Eastey: English professional footballer.
  • Tom Eastey: British singer-songwriter and musician.
  • Frances Eastey: British iris expert.
  • Linda Eastey: American professional golfer.
  • Jenn Eastey: American figure skater.
  • Christie Eastey: Australian actor and producer.
  • Warren Eastey: American cinematographer.
  • Lorna Eastey: British painter.
  • Dave Eastey: English footballer and manager.
  • Paul Eastey: British naval officer, shipwright, and politician.

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