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Surname Eastept - Meaning and Origin

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Eastept: What does the surname Eastept mean?

The last name Eastept is believed to be of English origin. It is an occupational name, derived from the Old English word for an embroiderer. This occupation suggests that the ancestors of the Eastept family were skilled craftspeople.

The surname itself means "one who resides in the east". This could refer to the East End of London, which is associated with the middle- and lower-class communities. Alternatively, it could refer to places with East in their name, such as East Anglia or East Yorkshire.

The Eastept name was popularized in the UK by the 18th and 19th centuries, as families began to move away from the occupation-based names that were traditionally given. Despite its relative obscurity today, it is still associated with craftsmanship and prides itself on its service to the local community.

The Eastept family is a symbol of heritage and dedication to craftsmanship. Although today the name is not widely known, it is steeped in history and evident of the dedication to attention-to-detail and skill the family is proud of. The family shares a common bond of tradition and demonstrates that hard work and commitment can still be valued today.

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Eastept: Where does the name Eastept come from?

The Eastept surname is most widely found today in countries originating from the British Isles such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. This surname is likely of Old English origin, with the first known record of the name being documented in the 15th century in England. It is derived from the Old English “east”, meaning east, and “heoping”, meaning a corner of land, so it was likely an indication of where the first person to bear this surname lived – a corner of land towards the east.

The Eastept surname is relatively rare, with the United Kingdom boasting just over 3,500 individuals possessing this surname in the 1881 census. In today’s UK population, the Holding Surname Study indicates that only 0.011% of the population possess the Eastept surname.

Elsewhere, the Eastept surname is far less commonly found. Australia boasts just a handful of individuals bearing this name, alongside Canada and the United States. According to the Internet Surname Database, you may find a few individuals bearing this surname in Germany which suggests a link to immigrant families who may have arrived in countries throughout the Commonwealth and the US centuries ago.

Variations of the surname Eastept

The surname Eastept is derived from the British surname Eastop, which is believed to have first appeared in the 11th century in Staffordshire, England. The evolution of the surname Eastept is a bit of a mystery, however, it could have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name Eoest or Est, which in Old English means East.

Variants of Eastept include Eastop, Eastep, Estop, Estip, Esteb, Eastib, Eastab, Estebb, Eastabb and Estob. Other variants include Eastap, Estob, Eastopp, Estobbe, Estepp, Esteppe, Eastapple, Eastape, Eastapel, Esteppe and Eastabbee.

Famous people with the Eastept surname include the British sculptor and painter Robert Eastop, born in 1758, and the Canadian composer and conductor Oswald Eastept, born in 1876.

The spellings of Eastept have also been known to be modified due to regional differences and dialects, with variants including Eastebb, Eastott, Eastoff, Eastab, Eastebbe, Eastibb, Eastepp and Eastob.

The Eastept surname is not common in the United States, but is found more often in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Surnames related to Eastept include Eastopp, Eastop, Eastab, Eastappy, Eastawoody, Eaststone, and Eastard.

Famous people with the name Eastept

  • Auguste Eastep: American model and radio host.
  • Peter Eastep: American voice actor and singer.
  • Stephen Eastep: American pornographic actor.
  • Ben Eastep: American sportsman.
  • Matt Eastep: American broadcaster and journalist.
  • Lee Eastep: American singer and songwriter.
  • Wes Eastep: American politician, businessman, and lawyer.
  • Jefferson Eastep: American film producer and director.
  • Eric Eastep: American musician and producer.
  • Shawn Eastep: American motorcycle racer.
  • Janelle Eastep: American singer-songwriter and contemporary Christian music artist.
  • Devin Eastep: American professional ice hockey player.
  • Heather Eastep: Former editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Tony Eastep: American musician and art-pop artist.
  • Anna Eastep: American author and songwriter.
  • Randy Eastep: American actor and voice actor.
  • Michal Eastep: American theatre director, writer, and actress.
  • Jerry Eastep: American sculptor and painter.
  • Alicia Eastep-Smith: American folk musician and singer-songwriter.
  • Sarah Eastep: American country music artist.

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