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Surname Gabl - Meaning and Origin

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Gabl: What does the surname Gabl mean?

The last name Gabl is of German or Jewish origin. It is believed to have derived from the name Gabella, which was an old German term for "hat maker" or "tradesman". The Gabls were likely tradesmen and entrepreneurs.

Many Gabls emigrated to the United States and Canada throughout the 1800s and 1900s. Although the exact history of the name is difficult to trace, many immigrants from Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia held this name, especially in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Other records indicate that the name Gabl may be of Jewish origin, which could explain its presence in the United States.

In more modern times, Gabls have become successful in many industries. For example, Jay Gabl is a prominent doctor, while Steven Gabl is an accomplished author. Similarly, Charles Gabl is a structural engineer and Charles K Gabl is a professional business consultant.

Today, the Gabl name is respected and admired throughout the world. From the humble beginnings of a tradesman, it has come to symbolize success, hard work, and dedication. As with many other surnames, the Gabls have moved on from their roots, but they continue to bring honor to their name.

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Gabl: Where does the name Gabl come from?

The last name Gabl is most common in Austria today, where it is estimated that about 800 people bear this surname. Outside of Austria, the last name can be found in countries which were formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. It may also be found in nearby countries which have experienced emigration from Austria, such as Germany and Italy.

The word 'Gabl' is derived from the German verb gaben, which means to give. It is believed to have originated as a nickname for somebody who was known for being generous with gifts. Alternatively, it could refer to somebody who worked as a tax collector, as the word was also used to describe taxes that were owed to the government.

It is also possible that the last name Gabl may have existed prior to this etymological explanation. It is thought to have been used as a surname for hundreds of years, though tracing the origins of this particular surname has been difficult.

Despite its prevalence in Austria, the last name Gabl is not a particularly common or well-known name outside of Austria and the surrounding countries. However, it is still in use in Austria today, where people bearing this surname have been known to have made significant contributions to local society.

Variations of the surname Gabl

The surname Gabl has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The primary version of Gabl is the German surname Gable, originating in the Rhineland-Palatinate state. Some variants of the German surname include Gable, Gaebel, Gabel, Gebel, Gaibel, Gaible, Gaebl, and Gabl. Other variations are speerated dialectally and across continents, including Gablet (French), Gavia (Italian), Gábelsz (Hungarian), Gabela (Portuguese), Gablowski (Polish), and Gibelli (Italian).

In English-speaking countries, Gabl is also a spelling variation of the name Gable. While Gable has its roots in Germanic-language countries, it is also used as an Anglicized version of a variety of surnames from other countries. In particular, Gable is a variant of many Jewish surnames from Eastern Europe including Gabay (Yiddish), Gabel (Yiddish), and Gabelman (Russian).

Gabl is predominantly used as a surname in Europe, but it is also found in some locations in the United States. A few individuals with the surname Gabl are recorded in the US Census. In the 2000 US Census, around 25 people living in the United States had the surname Gabl. It is most common in the Midwest, particularly in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The surname Gabl can also be spelled with the ending “-el”, making it pronounced “GAHM-bel”.

Overall, the surname Gabl has many variants and spellings, including Gable, Gaebel, Gabel, Gebel, Gaibel, Gaible, Gaebl, and Gabl. Additionally, Gable is an Anglicized form of multiple Jewish surnames, and Gabl is a variation found in the United States.

Famous people with the name Gabl

  • Patrick Gabl: German ski jumper
  • Roman Gabl: Austrian football player
  • Henrik Gabl: Danish Figure Skater
  • Richard Gabl: Austrian and German painter
  • Jorg Gabl: Austrian football player
  • John Gabl: American actor
  • Grigore Gâblă: Romanian footballer
  • Caitlin Gabl: Australian actor
  • Stephane Gabl: French ice hockey player
  • Michael Gabl: German ski jumper.

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