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Surname M'Harg - Meaning and Origin

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M'Harg: What does the surname M'Harg mean?

The surname M'Harg is a Scottish name derived from a region in the northern tip of Scotland called the Mearns. In Gaelic, Mearns is known as "Marnoch", and M'Harg is derived from the old Gaelic name "MacHarg" - which translates to "Son of Harg". The Harg part of the name has no known etymology, though it has been suggested that it is an anglicisation of the Gaelic "Magar".

Magar is thought to be a patronymic of the personal name "Mórgarach" or "Morgarath", which means "great man" or "great hero" in Old Gaelic origin. The Magar clan is said to have originated from the areas surrounding the east of the Mearns, around the city of Aberdeen, and other adjoining areas in north east Scotland.

In more recent times, the surname M'Harg has been used by the descendants of Highlanders who had relocated to Canada in the Wave of Highland Clearances in the 1700s and 1800s. These Scots had traveled to the British colonies in Canada, and particularly the Maritime Provinces, where the surname has become very well established in certain communities of Scottish-Canadian descent.

The surname M'Harg has come to represent a shared heritage of strength, courage and resilience for those linked to the name, and its continued usage in various forms is a testament to those values.

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M'Harg: Where does the name M'Harg come from?

The last name M'Harg has its origins in Scotland, where it is still relatively common today. The M'Harg surname first appears in records from the early 17th century, and is believed to have derived from the Gaelic MacGahaire, a patronymic name meaning "son of the watchman" or "son of the watchful one."

The majority of M'Harg families are still concentrated in Scotland today, particularly in the areas of Aberdeenshire, Renfrewshire, Argyllshire, and Lanarkshire. In addition to the British Isles, the M'Harg name is also found in countries with large Irish or Scottish diasporas, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Though originally spelled MacGahaire, the M'Harg spelling became more prevalent in the 19th and 20th centuries, likely due to reduced levels of literacy and a general phonetic spelling of the name. Nevertheless, it is still quite common in Scotland today, where it is seen as a proud representation of the nation’s long-standing history and culture.

Variations of the surname M'Harg

M'Harg is a Scottish surname of Gaelic origin, derived from the Celtic Mac Mharg. Variants of the name include M'Harge, MacHarg, MacHarge, Mharge, McHarge, and McHarg.

Mac Mharg is the Gaelic form of the name, and means “Son of Mharg”. The Mharg is believed to be derived from the Scottish Gaelic “mac Mhàraguis”, which means “Son of the Swordsman.” The name is believed to have been derived from a person's occupation or skill as a warrior.

It is possible that the name is derived from a personal name with a Norse element, Mac Mharag, due to the influence of the Scandinavian invaders in Scotland in early history.

The variations of M’Harg have appeared in records from late medieval Scotland, ranging from 1459 in Stirlingshire, 1650 in Lanarkshire, and 1677 in Angus. The spelling of the surname has varied, from M'Harge to MacHarg, Mharge, and McHarg.

Surnames related to M’Harg include Argieson, McHaretzie, M’Harries, and M’Hars. However, these are all derived from different nicknames or spelling variants of M’Harg, and are not directly related to it.

Famous people with the name M'Harg

  • Tessa M'Harg: a British computer scientist, academic, and businesswoman.
  • Randal M'Harg: a British entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Harvey M'Harg: an English professional footballer.
  • Maisie M'Harg: a Scottish actress and singer.
  • Mackenzie M'Harg: an American sculptor and printmaker.
  • Harry M'Harg: a Canadian Aboriginal composer, writer, and artist.
  • Aimée M'Harg: a French designer, poet, and filmmaker.
  • Evie M'Harg: an Australian Aboriginal activist and educator.
  • Breena M'Harg: an Icelandic fashion designer.
  • Adonis M'Harg: a Spanish-born painter.
  • George M'Harg: an American politician from the state of Kansas.
  • Lucas M'Harg: a Welsh actor and writer.
  • Mildred M'Harg: a Norwegian architect and sculptor.
  • Havana M'Harg: an Italian-born actress.
  • Jessica M'Harg: a Dutch environmental lawyer and activist.

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