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Surname M'herarde - Meaning and Origin

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M'herarde: What does the surname M'herarde mean?

The last name M’herarde is an old-fashioned French surname that likely originated in the Brittany region of France. Its earliest recorded use dates back to the 16th century when a Richard M’herarde was mentioned in parish registers from the county of Monfort.

The name is thought to have originated amongst the aristocratic families of Europe during medieval times. Due to the French spelling of the surname, the name is believed to have derived from the Latin masculine personal name ‘Heraldus’, meaning ‘bold messenger’ or ‘army commander’.

Many variations of the M’herarde surname can be found across France, such as Masserault, Marcherot, M'hérard, M'hérard and M'heraud. The spelling was, and still remains largely, phonetically based. As such, it is possible to encounter minor variations across different regions.

The M’herarde surname is an old-fashioned French surname that originated in the Brittany region of France. It is likely derived from the Latin personal name ‘Heraldus’, meaning ‘bold messenger’ or ‘army commander’, and can be found in various spellings throughout the country. The name is a testament to the aristocratic families of Europe during medieval times and has been used since the 16th century.

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M'herarde: Where does the name M'herarde come from?

The last name M'herarde can be found today primarily in the French speaking parts of the world. The majority of people today that bear the name M'herarde would be located in the Caribbean, specifically in Haiti, and throughout France as well. It has become a global name, however, and can be found scattered across Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

It is believed that the name M'herarde originated from the Middle Ages in France, where people took the name of their father’s first name as a last name. The name itself is derived from the French name Hérard, which itself means ‘glorious warrior’. It is a common surname amongst French Canadians, Haitians, and in other locations that were once French colonies.

In Haiti, the name is associated in particular with a village near Gonaïves that bears the same name, M'herarde. Haitians that bear the name are thought to have descended from the residents of the small village. The name has also been adopted by African American and Afro Caribbean communities outside of Haiti, either because of the historic ties Haitians have to the French language or through intermarriage.

Though it is primarily associated with the French-speaking part of the world, it is also found to a smaller extent in parts of other continents including North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. Because of the global nature of the name, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact location from which the majority of current bearers descend.

Variations of the surname M'herarde

The surname M'herarde is a variant of the more commonly seen Mherard, or M'Herard. It is a French surname, likely originating from the northern regions of France along the English Channel. The 'M' in the spelling is simply a contraction, derived from the Latin word "milii," meaning "belonging to."

Variations of this surname include M'Herarde, M'Herard, Maherard, M'Heard, Maherarde, and Herarde. Another variation is Mherence, which is likely a combination of the words M'Herard and Ence, which is a derivative of the name Antoine, which means "priceless."

Surnames of similar origin which are related to M'herarde include Herard, Barde, Darde, and Garde. These surnames are derived from the French adjectival form her, meaning "mild", and the mediaeval-French herard, meaning "herald" or "messenger".

Other surnames related to M'herarde include M'Harde, M'Harard, M'Harde, and M'Hararde. These names are related as they are derived from the Old French word hadard, meaning "fortunate".

Overall, the surname M'herarde is most likely derived from multiple origins, being derived from the words "her" and "herard", as well as the contraction of the Latin word "milii" and the Old French word "hadard". Variants of M'herarde range from M'Herard, Mherard, and Maherard among many others. Other surnames related to M'herarde include Herard, Barde, Darde, Garde, M'Harde, M'Harard, M'Harde, and M'Hararde.

Famous people with the name M'herarde

  • Haas M'herarde: finance and investment executive
  • Lydon M'herarde: British Jamaican model
  • Jhonmilo M’herarde: actor and director
  • Kiam M’herarde: actor and comedian
  • D’Andra M´herarde: entrepreneur and businesswoman
  • Bence M'herarde: artist and international media personality
  • Stephen M'herarde: social media star
  • Brunrude M’herarde: singer and songwriter
  • Jamoe M'herarde: drummer in the funk metal band Rockwater
  • Kael M'herarde: rapper and YouTube personality

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