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Surname M'Horrard - Meaning and Origin

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M'Horrard: What does the surname M'Horrard mean?

The last name M'Horrard is an Irish-Gaelic surname derived from the name Ó h-Úrdáird, which translates literally to "descendant of the high shapely one". It is believed to have been an exclusive title bestowed on members of important Dalcassian families from the late 15th century onwards. The anglicised version of the name has been found to be MacHoard, McHorde, and also M'Horrard.

Historically, the Ó h-Úrdáird families were believed to have been descendants of the 8th century Dalcassian noble Muiredach Mac Murchadha Caomhánach, the 135th king of Ireland, and a patron of the Dalcassian travels in the Nine Hostages at Tara.

The late Donegal antiquary, Seamus Cullen, noted that the old western members of the family had adopted the name M’Horard later. This was most likely in the 17th century, when many of the Irish-Gaelic septs, as they were then known, adopted the anglicised versions of their names.

The descendants of Ó h-Úrdáird in their new name of M’Horrard took part in some of the major events of the 19th century Irish history, such as the Great Famine of 1845, the campaign of the Land League, and the struggle for Irish freedom.

Most M’Horrards today can trace their ancestry directly back to the 16th-century Dalcassian families, and it is believed that the last name is still mainly found in the counties around County Westmeath, which were part of the original Dalcassian heartland.

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M'Horrard: Where does the name M'Horrard come from?

The surname M'Horrard is not a particularly common name today. It is of Scottish origin, and appears to have originated in the Kintyre region of Argyll and Bute around the 13th century. The surname appears to have been derived from the Gaelic words 'mac', meaning 'son', and 'Chorrd', likely referring to a local chieftain.

There is still a presence of the M'Horrard name in Scotland today, including in the nearby towns of Campbeltown and Southend. In recent decades, a number of the name have moved elsewhere in the United Kingdom and the wider world.

It is also very possible to find people with the surname M'Horrard outside the British Isles today. Due to centuries of migration patterns, the surname is now well established in North America, particularly in Canada. There is also a presence in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and throughout Oceania.

It is less likely to find records of M'Horrard in farther reaching countries such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia, though there may still be individuals with the name living in these regions.

Overall, the M'Horrard surname is far from rare, though it is not as widely known or as common as some other surnames. It is found in a number of countries today, with pockets of people with the name having set up home in each region.

Variations of the surname M'Horrard

The surname M'Horrard and its variants have their origin in Ireland. It is a variant of the Irish surname "MacMuarraidh", which derives from the Old Irish first name "Muiredach". Variations of the name, their spellings and various surnames that come from the same origin include:

MacMuarraidh: This is the most popular spelling of the surname M'Horrard and is its modernized variant in Ireland.

M'Horrard: This is the traditional and historical variant of the surname M'Horrard.

McCorry: This is the anglicized variant of MacMuarraidh, also spelled as "MacCorry", "McCorry", and "McCurry".

McMorrey: This variant is most popular in the North of Ireland and combines the Gaelic "Mac" with "Muarraidh", resulting in "MacMuarraidh".

McMurrough: This is a popular variation of MacMuarraidh and is an anglicized form of the name.

McMurrough: This is another variant of the surname MacMuarraidh, combining the Irish prefix "Mac" with the Old Irish first name "Muiredach".

Moorhead: This name is derived from "MacMuarraidh" and is a modernized version of the name.

Murrough/Murphy: This is an Irish variant of MacMuarraidh and is derived from the root of the Old Irish first name Muiredach.

Murry: This surname is a variation of Murrough and derives from the Old Irish first name Muiredach.

Murry: This surname derives from the Irish prefix "Mac" and is a variation of the name "MacMuarraidh".

Overall, all of these surnames are all derived from the same Old Irish first name, Muiredach, and are variations of the Irish surname MacMuarraidh. While some of the surnames listed above are more popular in certain geographical locations, they all can be traced back to the same origin.

Famous people with the name M'Horrard

  • Cillian Mhorrard: A British actor who rose to fame for his role in the drama 17 Minutes of Glory.
  • Gillan Mhorrard: A Scottish artist renowned for his abstract and figurative paintings and sculptures based on Celtic themes.
  • John Mhorrard: A former footballer who played for the Northern Ireland national team in the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Neil Mhorrard: A pharmaceutical entrepreneur who recently founded a company focusing on developing innovative treatments for rare and orphan diseases.
  • Rachel Mhorrard: A professor of international relations who served as dean of the law faculty of the University of Western Scotland for several years.
  • Michael Mhorrard: An artist, photographer and graphic designer whose work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including MacWorld and the Louvre.
  • Mary Mhorrard: A renowned author known for her children's books that have been published in over 10 countries.
  • Matthew Mhorrard: A historian who wrote a book on the history of Scottish entrepreneurism.
  • Olivia Mhorrard: A musician who has released two popular albums of Celtic music.
  • Rhys Mhorrard: A professional golfer who has won several major tournaments over the years.

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