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Surname M'Illeghuirm - Meaning and Origin

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M'Illeghuirm: What does the surname M'Illeghuirm mean?

The last name Blue/M'Illeghuirm is of Scottish origin and is thought to be derived from the Gaelic ‘MacNilleghuirm’ which translates to ‘son of the servant of Mary’. The name is thought to have come from the fact that the original family members may have served in a religious capacity at some point in their history.

The Blue family in Scotland dates back to at least the 15th century when the family took possession of a small island in the Inner Hebrides. They were known to have held power and influence in that region and intermarried with other prominent families such as the MacLeods and the MacIans.

The closest modern spelling of the name is M'Illeghuirm. This spelling was adopted by some of the descendants of the original family. The M indicates that the holder is the son of while the 'll' prefix refers to Mary, which is indicative of the clan's original religious affiliation. Over time, the spelling has changed to Blue or Bleu in some places.

Today, there is a small but thriving community of Blue families in the Scottish highlands and family members can be found scattered throughout Scotland, the U.K., and the U.S. While the name may have changed over time, its spiritual roots remain similar and trace back to the original servant of Mary.

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M'Illeghuirm: Where does the name M'Illeghuirm come from?

The last name Blue/M'Illeghuirm is most commonly found in Scotland and the surrounding regions. It is a Scottish name that dates back to at least the 13th century and likely long before that. It is believed to be derived from the Gaelic phrase that translates as “Son of the Processional Cross”. As such, it may have been a symbol of power or leadership within Scotland.

Today, the last name is most commonly found in Scotland, Canada, Ireland, and the United States. In Scotland, it is especially concentrated in the eastern parts of the country, especially in the provinces of Aberdeenshire and Angus close to the North Sea.

In Canada, the last name is most common in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, while in the United States it is common in states such as Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. In Ireland, it is especially prevalent in the counties of Cork, Donegal, and Kerry.

In terms of numerical prevalence, the surname is relatively uncommon. It is estimated that there are between 500 and 1,000 people bearing the last name, with most living in Canada and the United States.

Given its Scottish origins, Blue/M'Illeghuirm is a name that carries a great deal of history with it. Though it is not as common as it once was, it is still an important part of Scotland’s heritage.

Variations of the surname M'Illeghuirm

The surname Blue/M'Illeghuirm is a spelling variation of the Irish name O’Maolghuirme, meaning "servant of God” or “son of the one who serves God”. This surname is derived from the Gaelic word Maol or Maolathuirme, which means “servant” or “devotee”.

This surname can be found spelled in a few different ways, including Blue, M’Illeghuirm, M’Illeghinn, and O’Maolghuirme. Variations of this surname are also found in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, including MacIlwrath, McLoram, MacDearmid, MacGillendriam, Macllorin, and McLorian.

Notable people with this surname include Irish singer-songwriter Paul McLorin Blue and Irish comedian Mary-Ann McLorin. There are also branches of the Blue families which are known to have migrated to America in the early 1800s, settling in Pennsylvania and categorizing themselves as Scotch-Irish.

In addition, there are descendants of the original Blue family found to have settled in the Caribbean in early times, starting with Robert Blue who settled in Barbados in 1635. Other related surnames include M’Laurin, McLoram, McLorean, MacDonald, MacLaurin, Mackoy, City, McLure, and M’GillenAughty.

Famous people with the name M'Illeghuirm

  • Skylar Blue: Skylar Blue is an international award-winning actress, renowned for playing the lead role in the hit TV series ‘The Baker Street Boys’.
  • Brayden Blue: Brayden Blue is an American football player, currently playing for the New York Jets in the NFL.
  • Blaine Blue: Blaine Blue is a contemporary artist from New York. Her work has been featured in galleries worldwide and has been used for a variety of TV advertising campaigns.
  • Maxine Blue: Maxine Blue is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and producer. She is widely known for her hit singles ‘Girl You Know’ and ‘Gimme What You Got’.
  • London Blue: London Blue is a respected painter, sculptor, and art curator from England. His body of work often focuses on abstract landscapes and has won several awards.
  • Thaddeus Blue: Thaddeus Blue is a notable filmmaker from the US. He has worked on several Academy Award-nominated movies and is well-known for his groundbreaking documentaries.
  • Brody Blue: Brody Blue is an international fashion and beauty blogger. His reviews and advice have been featured in publications like Vogue, Elle, and Grazia.
  • M’Illeghuirm Blue: M’Illeghuirm Blue is a music producer from France. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and is the creator of numerous critically-acclaimed albums.

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