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Surname M'Kleron - Meaning and Origin

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M'Kleron: What does the surname M'Kleron mean?

The last name M'Kleron is an uncommon surname of Scottish origin. It is believed to be a variation of the surname M'Klrane which itself is derived from the Old Gaelic personal name MacClaran. The Old Gaelic name MacClaran can be broken down to two distinct components: Mac meaning ‘son of’ and Clayton which is a place name of unknown origin, potentially derived from a personal name.

The surname M'Kleron is said to refer to someone who was the descendent of a family with strong ties to a specific place. Throughout its long history, the M'Kleron family has been renowned for its loyalty, dedication and strength. This is shown through many stories from Scotland which tell of M'Kleron family members fighting for their communities and standing up for what they believe in.

The M'Kleron surname is still found in Scotland, as evidenced by its appearance in the 1881 Scotland Census. The M'Kleron name can also be found in the United States as a result of the diaspora of the Scottish people throughout the 18th century. Although it is not as widely used present day, it is still a reminder of the strength, resilience and loyalty of the M'Kleron family and its long history in Scotland.

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M'Kleron: Where does the name M'Kleron come from?

The surname M'Kleron is first known to have originated from Scotland and historically has had several variations, such as M'Kleran, Maklaren, MacLorin, and MacKleron. It is most commonly associated with the Clan Maclaren of Scotland. This sept of the Scottish Clan MacGregor is based on the sides of Balquhidder and Callander in Perthshire.

Today, the surname M'Kleron is found mainly in Scotland and its former territories, such as Ireland and the United States. It is also found in other parts of the British Isles, including England, as well as other European countries and around the world.

In the United States, M'Kleron is most commonly found in the states of Virginia and Ohio. It's also popular in Canada, with the largest population in the province of Ontario. In Scotland, M'Kleron is most popular in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Outside of the British Isles, the name is most popular in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. It is also increasingly popular in Brazil, especially among the rural population.

In the twenty-first century, M'Kleron is still widely used and does not appear to be going out of fashion anytime soon. It is a popular choice among families looking to keep their Scottish heritage alive. The popularity of the name in the US and other parts of the world speaks to the globalisation of culture and the modern world.

Variations of the surname M'Kleron

M’Kleron is a surname of Scottish, Irish and English origin. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for this surname include:

McLaren – This is a variant spelling of M’Kleron which replaces the ‘K’ with a ‘C’. It is a popular Scottish surname of Celtic origin, which most likely derived from ‘MacLabhruinn’, the Gaelic form of the surname which means “son of Labhruinn” (meaning ‘raven’).

MacLaren – This is a spelling variant of the spelling above. The surname is also of Celtic origin with the same Gaelic form of its ancient meaning, “son of Labhruinn”.

M'Claren – This is another variant of the same origin which swaps out the ‘K’ of M’Kleron for a ‘C’. It is a common Scottish surname derived from the Gaelic name ‘MacLabhruinn’, which means “son of Labhruinn”.

M’Claran – This is another variant spelling of ‘M’claren’. It originates from the Gaelic meaning of “son of Labhruinn” and is most commonly found in Scotland.

McClaren – This variation has a ‘double C’ in place of the ‘K’ from M’Kleron. It shares the same origin and Gaelic meaning “son of Labhruinn”.

McLaron – A variation on M’Kleron which replaces the ‘K’ with an ‘L’. It is of Celtic origin with its root meaning coming from ‘MacLabhruinn’, which means “son of Labhruinn”.

MacLerran – The spelling of M’Kleron with an extra ‘R’ before the ‘N’ suffix. It is a Scottish and Irish surname which has a Gaelic form of ‘MacLabhruinn’, meaning “son of Labhruinn”.

McLerran – This variation of M’Kleron replaces the ‘K’ with an ‘L’ and adds an extra ‘R’ before the ‘N’ suffix. It has a Gaelic origin and has an old meaning of “son of Labhruinn”.

McLerron – This version replaces the ‘K’ from the original surname ‘M’Kleron’ with an ‘L’, and the ‘N’ suffix with an ‘R’. It is of Celtic origin and is derived from the Gaelic term ‘MacLabhruinn’, meaning “son of Labhruinn”.

Famous people with the name M'Kleron

  • William M'Kleron: opera singer and composer
  • Phineas M'Kleron: 19th-century British businessman and philanthropist
  • Robert M'Kleron: English-born Australian lawyer and politician
  • Sam M'Kleron: Canadian actor and comedian
  • Jacob M'Kleron: American Civil War Union Army officer
  • Xander M'Kleron: American television actor and producer
  • Edward M'Kleron: American founder of an international banking enterprise
  • Jane M'Kleron: Argentinian professional golfer
  • David M'Kleron: Australian zoologist and conservationist
  • Eliza M'Kleron: Irish mathematician and computer scientist

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