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Surname M'Kyrnele - Meaning and Origin

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M'Kyrnele: What does the surname M'Kyrnele mean?

The last name M'Kyrnele is of Irish origin and can be translated to mean “son of Kyrnele.” It's likely that the original Kyrnele was a lover of horses, as the name is derived from the Old Irish "cebran"- meaning “horse” and "laoch" meaning “champion” or “warrior”.

The M'Kyrnele family can be traced back to the 12th century in Northern Ireland. It is believed that the original M'Kyrnele family was related to a people called the O'Neills, who were kings of Ulster. This connection is further evidenced by the fact that the O'Neills had their own coat of arms which also featured a horse as its main motif.

Throughout the centuries, the M'Kyrnele family has seen generations of strong horsemen. They have been prominent members of the Gaelic sporting community, including a strong history of involvement in horse racing, equestrian events, and showjumping. Even today, the M'Kyrnele family remains active in the Irish horse racing scene.

The legacy of the M'Kyrnele family is one of respect and admiration for renowned horsemanship. They are proud of their renowned abilities and take pride in continuing the family tradition.

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M'Kyrnele: Where does the name M'Kyrnele come from?

The last name M’Kyrnele does not appear to be particularly common today. It is not found included in any of the top 1000 most common surnames in the UK or US and is generally quite rare.

The origin of the name is not known for certain; it may have originated in Scotland or Ireland respective of various ancestral records, with Clan McCurnel having Irish roots. The meaning of the name is uncertain, as it does not appear to derive from a known language.

In Scotland, the name appears in records mostly around the 19th century and particularly during the 18th Century in Ulster. In 1848, a Peter M’Kyrnele (or McKurnell) was recorded as living in County Derry. This suggests that at this time the name was associated with Irish roots.

The surname M’Kyrnele does not appear to be a popular, or particularly common name today. As such, the last name may be not be particularly easy to find. It is more likely to appear in ancestral records in the UK and US rather than in common use as a surname today.

Variations of the surname M'Kyrnele

The surname M'Kyrnele is believed to have originated from the Irish and Scottish name O'Kyrnelly. O'Kyrnelly is derived from two Irish words: O', meaning grandson and Kyrnelly, coming from the Gaelic Cairnghall, or Cairnhill, which translates to either "stony hillock" or "hillside of the cairns".

Variations of the surname include Kyronel, Kyrnel, Kyrenel, Kyrnele, Kyrnill, Kyrnille, McKyrnele, and McKyrnill. It is also sometimes seen spelled as Kirorel, Kiranel, and Kirenyl.

Some common variant surnames for M'Kyrnele are Kirnt, Kyrning, Kyrnoll, Kyronelle, and Kyrnanell. In addition to these, variants of the name have also been seen spelled as Kyrynell, Kyrnelle, Kyrnel, and Kyrenille.

In Scotland, the name is often spelled MacKernel, MacKernel, MacKirnel, and Mackernel. In some cases, the name has also been Anglicized as M'Kreel, M'Kyrnel, M'Kyrnill, and MacKrinel.

In the United States, the surname is commonly spelled Kernell and Kearnall. Additionally, the surname is also seen spelled as Keyrnel, Kyronel, Kyrnall, Kyrne, and Kyrnel. It is also sometimes spelled with a hyphen, such as Kirneyl- or M'Kyrnele-.

Overall, M'Kyrnele is a variation of the Irish and Scottish surname O'Kyrnelly, with many alternative spellings and surname variations.

Famous people with the name M'Kyrnele

  • Treat Merrill Williams, Jr, professional American football player
  • Ande Malevre, French deep-sea explorer
  • Willa M'Kyrnele, 19th century American socialite
  • Ramendra M'Kyrnele, Indian writer and filmmaker
  • Patrick M'Kyrnele, Australian jurist and judge
  • Stephen M'Kyrnele, French singer-songwriter
  • Cynthia M'Kyrnele, British politician
  • Emma M'Kyrnele, American stage actress
  • Thomas M'Kyrnele, French artist
  • James M'Kyrnele, American politician

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