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Surname M'tavish - Meaning and Origin

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M'tavish: What does the surname M'tavish mean?

The surname M’tavish is of Scottish origin and is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name MacTamhais which translates to ‘son of Thomas’. The name Thomas is itself a Biblical name meaning ‘twin’. It is thought that the original holders of this surname were likely descendants of a man called Thomas.

The M’tavish family likely made their way to Scotland from Ireland during the 16th century, when a lot of Scottish families were migrating overseas to work in the coal and fishing industries. It is thought that the M’tavish family may have settled in the Inverness area of Scotland and gradually spread throughout the country.

The M’tavish family gained a well-known reputation as brewers, grave-diggers and millers. Many of the M’tavish family were also merchants and landowners in the Highlands. The name M’tavish has been immortalized in the Scottish novel The Fair Maid of Perth, as the hero of the story is named Malcolm M’Tavish.

The surname continues to be seen throughout Scotland and around the world where people of Scottish descent have settled in countries such as the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, the M’tavish family populate a variety of professions from politics to the arts.

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M'tavish: Where does the name M'tavish come from?

The surname M'tavish is most commonly associated with Scotland and in particular with the Clan MacTavish who stem from Argyll in the Western Highlands. The Clan can trace its roots back to the 16th Century when they were a warlike and powerful Highland clan. Today, most descendants of Clan MacTavish can be found along the West Coast of Scotland and on the Scottish Islands.

The surname M'tavish is also common throughout Canada, especially in the province of Nova Scotia. This is due to a large influx of Scottish migrants coming to Canada during the 18th and 19th Centuries who brought the name with them. M'tavish can also be found in Australia, particularly in some of the major cities, as well as in New Zealand.

The Clan is seen as a powerful Scottish clan, and so the surname is often prouded to carry and display. It is popular with the Scottish diaspora, which has helped the surname to spread across the globe. As such, its presence can be felt in many countries including the United States of America and other parts of Europe.

In any case, the surname M'tavish remains most thickly associated with Scotland and descendents of Clan MacTavish. This is where the surname is most prevalent and it is where it can claim its longest-standing roots.

Variations of the surname M'tavish

The M'tavish surname has various forms and spellings that can be found among members of the same family. Variants of the surname include: MacTavish, MacTavis, Mctavish, MacTavish, MacTeague, MacTague, MacTaggart, and MacTaguey. M'tavish is also sometimes spelled in Gaelic fashion as MacTàbhaidh.

The M'tavish surname can also be found in regional versions of Scottish and Irish Gaelic. In Ireland, the MacTavish surname is much less common and can be found as MacTuamaisce and MacTómaise. In Scotland, the M'tavish surname is often found as MacTamhais. In addition, many members of the M'tavish family can be found bearing the surname MacDowall in Scotland.

Additionally, other variants of the M'tavish surname can be found throughout the English-speaking world. These variants include: McTavis, McTavish, McTeague, McTague, McTaggart, McTaguey, and Tavish. Other English variants of the M'tavish surname include Tattis, Tavis, and Tavish.

Finally, the M'tavish surname has been anglicised in various ways, such as Matvey, Matson, Matthews, and Maitlis.

In conclusion, the M'tavish surname has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, spanning from Scotland and Ireland to the English-speaking world.

Famous people with the name M'tavish

  • Peter M’Tavish: a Canadian fiddle player, composer, and producer.
  • Celine M’Tavish: a Canadian singer-songwriter and recording artist.
  • Mike M'Tavish: a Canadian lacrosse player of Native American Iroquoian Aszunik descent.
  • William M'Tavish: a Scottish statesman and a prominent figure in the Canadian fur trade.
  • Fraser M'Tavish: a Canadian actor and stuntman.
  • Kenneth M'Tavish: a Canadian politician and Member of Provincial Parliament.
  • William McKay M'Tavish: a Canadian political figure and Senator.
  • Charlotte M’Tavish: a Canadian television presenter and radio personality from Ontario.
  • Angus M'Tavish: a Canadian educator and Member of Provincial Parliament.
  • Gregory M'Tavish: a Canadian professional ice hockey player.

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