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Surname M'White - Meaning and Origin

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M'White: What does the surname M'White mean?

The last name M'White is of Scottish origin. It is a variant of the surname Macruarie, which is derived from the Gaelic personal name 'Mac Ruairi', meaning 'son of the Ruairi'. It is a habitational name for someone who originally lived in the city of Rorie or Cill Ruairi in Northern Ireland.

The surname M'White is found mainly in the Ulster region of Northern Ireland, where it is very common. It can also be found in Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia, the United States, and other countries with a Scottish diaspora. The original meaning of the name is unclear, as it may have been attributed to a nickname or other reference to a certain trait or characteristic.

The M'White surname has spread to many countries around the world, where it has become adapted to the culture of those countries, often changing its meaning and spelling. It is for this reason that the origins of the name have become blurred over the centuries, and the original meaning is now uncertain.

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M'White: Where does the name M'White come from?

The surname M'White is most commonly found today in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. In Scotland, the family name M'White appears to have descended from the Scottish tribes of the Highlands and Islands, where the name was a variant of McWhite. The name is derived from the Gaelic Mac Fuite, which means "son of Fuite". In Ireland, the name is most commonly seen in Ulster, where it has been recorded since 1650. The M'Whites in Ireland are thought to be descended from Scottish-Scots who migrated from Scotland in the 17th century.

In the United States, the name M'White is found mainly in the eastern states, specifically in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and Pennsylvania. In the 1800s, records show many M'Whites emigrating from Scotland and Ireland and settling in these states. This surname is also found in Canada, mostly in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and in the Caribbean islands, in the British territory of Montserrat.

When researching the history of the M'White surname, it is important to note that it is most commonly seen in the spelling of MacWhite, or McWhite, and variations thereof. Examples of this include MacWhaite, Makwhae, Macquaite and Macwight. It is also seen as M’White, with the apostrophe in the spelling.

Variations of the surname M'White

The surname M'White is derived from the Irish surname Mac an Bhreitheamhaigh, which is most commonly Anglicised as MacBreathney. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Mac White, MacWhight, McWhite, MacWhitte, MacWhittee, and McCarthy.

The Mac an Bhreitheamhaigh surname likely originates from the Irish words 'Mac' meaning 'son' and 'breitheamh' meaning 'judge.' Therefore, the surname could be translated to mean 'son of the judge.' The Gaelic sept or family name associated with this surname was in Co Cork and Co Waterford, although some families connected with this surname held land in the North of Ireland during the plantations.

The surname variants and spellings are derived from the different pronunciation and spelling of Irish Gaelic over time. The Mac an Bhreitheamhaigh surname was known to be corrupted to Mac White and later spelled McWhite or MacWhight, indicating the morphing of language and pronunciation.

The spelling of the surname is known to have evolved over the course of time. Many anglicized versions of the abandoned Gaelic spelling have become accepted and used as the formal surname spelling. Variations in spelling have occurred as a result of a person's own preferences in how to spell their surname, and other times owing to errors on the part of the record keeper.

While M'White is the most commonly encountered spelling of this surname, variants of the name include Mac White, Mac Whight, MacWhitte, MacWhittee, McCarthy, and M'Whight, depending on the origin.

Famous people with the name M'White

  • Gail M'White-LaFond: Gail M'White-LaFond is a Canadian lawyer specialized in family law. She has served in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and currently works as a mediator and arbitrator.
  • Lynda M'White: Lynda M'White is a Canadian television producer and director whose credits include CBC Young Canada, Coming Home, admissions counselor series, Celebrity Cooks for Kids and more.
  • Victor M'White aka Chris Ellington: Victor M'White is known as Chris Ellington in the music industry. He is a Canadian hip hop musician, songwriter and producer.
  • George M'White: George M'White was a Canadian politician who served in the Legislative Assembly representing Renfrew North.
  • Barry M'White: Barry M'White is a Canadian musician, freelance audio engineer and producer. He has worked with artists such as Down With Webster, Royal Wood, Kim Mitchell, Amanda Marshall, Big Sugar and more.
  • Les M'White: Les M'White is a Canadian visual artist and filmmaker. His works include films, documentary projects, photo essays, graphic images and photographs.
  • Brad M'White: Brad M'White is a Canadian voice actor, director and producer. He has done work for DC Comics animated projects, video games and several independent films.
  • Warren M'White: Warren M'White is a Canadian writer, editor and professor. He is the author of three novels and is the former editor of the Canadian magazine Bowling Center Operations.

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