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Surname Maarala - Meaning and Origin

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Maarala: What does the surname Maarala mean?

The last name Maarala is of Finnish origin, specifically from Northern Ostrobothnia. It is derived from the Swedish word "Maral" which means "open meadow" or "clearing". The Finnish word "maara" or "tahti" - which refer to an individual piece of land - could also be related to Maarala.

Maarala is commonly used as a given name in Finland and Sweden, rather than a surname, possibly indicating a family connection to the original landowners on the meadow.

Maarala is associated with a sense of nature and environment, as its literal meaning implies an area of open land. The romantic implications of the meadow could indicate a sense of peacefulness and relaxation - traits which might be found in those bearing the name Maarala.

In terms of family history, the surname Maarala might have originated with a family who lived in an area of unspoiled meadowland. Alternatively, the name might have been passed down through generations and linked to a particular property or land.

Ultimately, the last name Maarala evokes a sense of nature, peace, and a connection to the land, which may be a meaningful part of its bearer's heritage.

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Maarala: Where does the name Maarala come from?

The surname Maarala is a common surname primarily found in Finland today. According to the 2017 Finnish Population Registry Centre, there were over 8,000 people with the surname Maarala in Finland. Most of the people with this surname live in the Uusimaa, Pohjois-Savo, and Pirkanmaa regions.

The surname Maarala is also found in other countries in Europe, including Sweden and Estonia. In Sweden, the surname Maarala is mainly concentrated in the Gotland, Gävleborg, and Blekinge counties. In Estonia, there were about 250 people with the surname Maarala recorded in the Population Register in 2015.

The surname Maarala derives from the Finnish first name Maarit, which is a form of the Hebrew name Mary. Maarit is derived from the Hebrew term "Miriam", meaning "rebellious or wished for child". The name Maarala is believed to be a patronymic surname, meaning the surname was created by appending the father's first name to create a new surname. Thus, individuals with the surname Maarala are likely descendants of someone who was known as Maarit.

Variations of the surname Maarala

Maarala is a surname of Finnish origin which can also be spelled as Maaralä, Maaralo, Maaralö, Maaralaa and Maarelä. It is derived from the Finnish word 'maara' meaning 'district' or 'region' and 'la' which means 'place'. The surname is a topographic type of name for someone who lived in or originated from a particular area or region.

Variants of the surname Maarala include Maarali, Maaraly, Maarary, Maaralyn, Maaralia, Maaralee, Maaralie, Maaralle, and Maaralli. Other spelling variations include Maara___, Maaral___, Maarali__, Maaraly, Maarary, Maaralyn, Maaralli, Maarel.

Surnames that have the same origin as Maarala include Maaralaen, Maarali, Maaralle, Maaralniemi, Maaralainen, Maaraliyaa, Maaralsuo, Maararla, Maaralyn, Marraal, Marali, Marrlia, Maralle, Maarsalo, Maaralasti, Maaraile, Maararainen, and Maaralane.

In addition to Finnish, Maarala may also be a surname of Estonian origin. Variants of Maarala in Estonian include Maarlepp, Maardla, Maardlam, Maardlamäe, Maardlepp, Maardli, and Maardlits. Similarly, surnames which share the same origin as Maarala in Estonian include Maarlem, Maarlend, Maarli, Maarlamäe, Maarlelund, Maarlev, Maarlevind, Maarlimaata, and Maarlela.

Famous people with the name Maarala

  • Sami Maarala: Former professional ice hockey player & 2006 Olympic bronze medalist
  • Sari Maarala: Finnish Professor of International Relations
  • Eero Maarala: Finnish actor, writer, director
  • Antti Maarala: Former professional ice hockey player
  • Vera Maarala: Astronomer and astrophysicist
  • Neljä Ruusua vocalist Vesa Maarala: Finnish Musician
  • Esko Maarala: Designer and professor
  • Tatu Maarala: Filmmaker
  • Sini Maarala: Politician
  • Mikko Maarala: Former Prosecutor General of Finland
  • Petri Maarala: Composer
  • Niilo Maarala: Finnish playwright
  • Vesa Maarala: Finnish writer and theatre director
  • Emilia Maarala: Actress
  • Kaisa Maarala: Artist
  • Pekka Maarala: Professional golfer
  • Ilkka Maarala: Business leader
  • Tuula Maarala: Lawyer
  • Aarne Maarala: Composer and author

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