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Surname Maasen - Meaning and Origin

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Maasen: What does the surname Maasen mean?

The last name Maasen is of German origin and derives from the Middle High German words mot, meaning "I shall not," and sæn, meaning "go." The surname Maasen may have originated as a nickname for someone who was stubborn or determined, or who often refused to do or go somewhere, or for someone who stayed in the same place or locality for a long time and did not often leave.

In ancient times, Maasen was a patronymic name, derived from a person's given first name, indicating a father-son relationship. Because the German language does not typically use the patronymic system like other European languages, the use of surnames by ordinary people was rare until the early 1400s.

Today, the last name Maasen is probably most widely associated with German-born fashion designer, Elisabeth Maasen. This modern-day German fashion icon has been a leader in the luxury fashion industry for over twenty years and has been an inspiration to countless youth designers.

In conclusion, Maasen is a surname with German origins. It likely either described an individual as obstinate, or signified that the family descended from a particular parent. Today, the name is well-known due to the success of modern fashion designer Elisabeth Maasen.

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Maasen: Where does the name Maasen come from?

The last name Maasen is quite common today, especially in areas of northern Europe, particularly in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It can also be found in parts of France and in Scandinavian countries as well.

The name is derived from the Dutch word “maas” meaning “meander” or “river”. It is thought to have originated as a toponymic name referring to someone who lived near a meandering stream or river. The suffix “en” was then added to indicate an ancestral relationship, making the meaning of the name to be “one from the Maas” - or a family descended from someone who lived near the Maas River.

In other parts of Europe, the name is often spelled Masen, Meisen, Massen, and Maesen. It is also occasionally found as a surname in the United States, thanks to people of German-speaking descent who immigrated there in past centuries.

In terms of population, Maasen is estimated to be among the top 1,000 most common last names in Germany today, while Tijhof et al (2018) found it to be the 108^th most common surname in the Netherlands.

Overall, the last name Maasen is quite common in Europe today, though less so in the U.S., but thanks to international genealogical records, many people with this surname can trace their ancestry and discover the historical roots of their last name.

Variations of the surname Maasen

The surname Maasen is of German origin and is often spelled as Maassen, Maessen, Maessen, Maasson, Masson, Mais, Moesen, and Maaßen. It is derived from the Middle High German word 'maesen', which means 'steward'. It was held by officials of large estates.

Maasen is commonly found in Lower Saxony, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. Maasen is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Maas". It could also be derived from the first name Matthias or from the surname Maassen.

Mais is a spelling variant of Maasen, which is derived from the Middle High German word “maesen”, meaning steward. It is an occupational surname for someone who is a steward or overseer of an estate. People with this surname can be found in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Belgium.

Maessen and Maassen are spelling variants of Maasen. Maessen is originally a Dutch name, derived from the given name Maes, an old form of Matthias meaning "gift of God". Maassen is derived from the Middle High German “maesen”, which means “steward”. It was held by officials of large estates.

Massen is a German and Dutch cognate surname to Maasen. It is derived from the Dutch word “masse”, meaning “man” or “servant”. Moesen and Maaßen are alternate spellings of Maasen.

In summary, the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Maasen are Maassen, Maessen, Maasson, Masson, Mais, Moesen, and Maaßen. These surnames are derived from the Middle High German word “maesen”, meaning “steward” and are found in many countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Belgium.

Famous people with the name Maasen

  • Simon Maasen: German footballer
  • Paul Maasen: Swedish professional golfer
  • Tilman Maasen: German politician
  • Gustav Maasen: German chemist, journalist and editor
  • Stefan Maasen: German former footballer
  • Adriana Maasen: Belgian model
  • Walter Maasen: Austrian theatre director
  • Alfred Heinrich Maasen: German glaciologist, geographer and geologist
  • Johannes Maasen: German jurist, sociologist and criminologist
  • Otto Maasen: Belgian literary historian and author

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