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Surname Maasmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Maasmeier: What does the surname Maasmeier mean?

The last name Maasmeier is a German surname, derived from two words: "Maas" and "Meier". The word Maas, or even Maasen, is an old German word that essentially means "area", emphasizing the geographical connection of its bearer. The word Meier is derived from the German term "meierei", which means "farm". Consequently, the last name Maasmeier identifies persons or families that were once related to a farm located in a particular area many centuries ago.

Maasmeier arose as a surname in the Middle Ages, particularly during the 13th-15th centuries, when hereditary surnames were becoming steadily more common in the German language. During this period, it became popular for people to add certain endings to their given names to indicate a geographical connection or family relation. It was this trend that was responsible for giving us the surnames we have today, including Maasmeier.

Maasmeier is not particularly common these days, having largely been replaced by newer, and perhaps more contemporary, surnames. The name is thought to be a patronymic surname, meaning that it reflects the name of the bearer's paternal ancestor. Thus, it was originally used to indicate a person's heritage and where his or her family originated from, perhaps many centuries ago.

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Maasmeier: Where does the name Maasmeier come from?

The last name Maasmeier is most commonly found in Germany today. It is a common German surname that is believed to be derived from the German words "mas" meaning "hare" and "meier" meaning "farmer". This surname is found in records that date as far back as 1259, when a Heinrich Maasmayer was listed as living in the German state of Hesse.

Maasmeier is still a popular family name in parts of Germany today. It is a top 1000 surname in the states of Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, and Schleswig-Holstein. It is also very common in the city of Berlin, and the surrounding area.

Maasmeier is most likely to be found in small towns in rural areas of Germany, along with other families with the same or similar surnames. Some Maasmeiers may have moved from Germany to other countries, such as the United States, Canada, or Australia, over the past two centuries, but the number of Maasmeiers outside of Germany is significantly lower than inside the country. People in other countries with the Maasmeier surname are likely to be descended from emigrants who left Germany in search of a better life somewhere else.

Variations of the surname Maasmeier

The surname Maasmeier has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. According to Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names, these include: Maasmaier, Maasmeyer, Maasmeyr, Massmaier, Massmeyer, Massmeyr, and Massmeier.

The original spelling of Maasmeier has been traced to Southern Germany. It is derived from the German word 'maß', meaning 'measurement.' This term was likely used to describe an authoritative individual in an official capacity.

Maasmeier is a patronymic surname, which means it is derived from the father's name. The 'meier', 'meyr' and 'maier' suffixes indicate paternal ancestry, in this case, from a person who was referred to as ‘Maas’ in some form.

The surnames Maasmaier, Massmaier, Maasmeyer, Massmeyer, Maasmeyr and Massmeyr are derived from Maasmeier. It is believed that these spellings emerged through the efforts of early recording clerks which simplified pronunciation and spelling of the German surname.

Finally, Massmeier is another variant of Maasmeier with the same etymological origin. It is likely that the spelling Massmeier was also simplified in an effort to make it easier to record.

Famous people with the name Maasmeier

  • Werner Maasmeier: German football coach and former professional player.
  • Roger Maasmeier: German entrepreneur and business consultant.
  • Christel Maasmeier: German actress.
  • Hans Maasmeier: Dutch actor and director.
  • Jens Maasmeier: German actor, theatre director and TV presenter.
  • Ole Maasmeier: Danish actor and theatre director.
  • Anna Maasmeier: German actress and musician.
  • Hans-Herbert Maasmeier: Swiss business lawyer and entrepreneur.
  • Katharina Maasmeier: German actress and television presenter.
  • Julian Maasmeier: Dutch soccer player.
  • Robert Maasmeier: German sculptor.
  • Leonard Maasmeier: German actor and musician.
  • Inge Maasmeier: German physician and professor.
  • Simon Maasmeier: Swiss vocalist and drummer.
  • Philip Maasmeier: German film and television composer and producer.

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