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Surname Maassmann - Meaning and Origin

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Maassmann: What does the surname Maassmann mean?

The last name Maassmann is primarily of German origin. The literal meaning of the name is “the person from the big meadow”, from the Middle High German words marse (meadow) and man (man).

The Maassmann surname is thought to have originated in the early medieval ages in the German provinces of Westfalen, Hessen, and Rheinland. This would have been an area with scattered villages, surrounded by forests and meadows. People from these villages may have taken the last name Maassmann as people began to assert individual identities.

Today, the Maassmann surname is very popular in Germany and around the world. In fact, according to the German phone book, the Maassmanns are the third most common family name in Westfalen alone! People with the Maassmann name may be found in Germany and other parts of Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America.

With the Maassmann surname, you can trace your heritage back to early medieval Germany and connect with a large global family. So, if you are a Maassmann, you can take pride in being a part of an influential global family with an interesting history.

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Maassmann: Where does the name Maassmann come from?

The name Maassmann is of German origin. It is a patronymic surname derived from the given name "Mattes", which is a short form of the German name Matthäus or Matthias. The prevalence of the name Maassmann is mainly found in Germany today. According to the German telephone directory, there are about 1,800 people living in the country with the surname Maassmann.

The name is also found in the United States, however, it is much rarer than in Germany. In the US, census information estimates that there are approximately 3,500 people with the last name Maassmann living in the country.

Maassmann is also an established name in the Netherlands. The name was likely brought to the Netherlands in the seventeenth century from Germany by immigrants. Today in the Netherlands, Maassmann is the name of an exclusive law firm based in Amsterdam. In addition, genealogical recordsreport that there are a few hundred people of Dutch descent with the last name Maassmann living in the Netherlands.

Overall, the last name Maassmann is most common in Germany. There are also smaller populations of the name in the United States and the Netherlands.

Variations of the surname Maassmann

The surname Maassmann is an occupational surname of Germanic origin. It is derived from the words 'mas' (mass) and 'man' which mean 'servant', which were combined over time to give the modern version of the surname. The variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the Maassmann surname are:

Masmann: This is one of the most common variants of the Maassmann surname. It is believed that the Masmann spelling of the surname originates from southern Germany.

Maasmann: This surname is a spelling variant of the surname Maassmann. It is thought to originate from Northern Germany.

Maessmann: This variant of the surname is of Dutch origin and is also found in countries that were part of the Dutch colonial empire, such as the United States, South Africa, Indonesia and Suriname.

Massmann: This is a variant of the Maassmann surname that is most commonly found in the United States and Canada.

Mausmann: This is an uncommon variant of the Maassmann surname which is found primarily in Germany and throughout German-speaking countries and regions.

Masseman: A less common variant of the Maassmann surname, this spelling is thought to be derived from Mainz in Germany.

Maßmann: This is another variation of the Maassmann surname which is found in German-speaking regions. It is a spelled differently because of the use of the German special "ß" character.

Meissman: This is an uncommon variant of the Maassmann surname and is most frequently found in the United States.

Massman: This variation of the surname is most commonly found in the United States of German-American origin.

Meissmann: This is a rare version of the name Maassmann which is thought to have originated in Germany.

Mesman: This is the last variant of the Maassmann surname and is thought to have come from the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Maassmann

  • Johann Wilhelm Maassmann (1793-1863): German lawyer, philosopher and state official.
  • Jens Maassmann (1944-): German philosopher, theologian and jurist, professor of Catholic Theology at the University of Giessen.
  • Martin Maassmann (1888-1971): first president of Bayerischer Rundfunk, a public radio broadcast system in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Michael Maassmann (1941-): German professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Clausthal University of Technology.
  • Peter Maassmann (1913-1998): German compositor, editor, and musicologist of modern music.
  • Robert Maassmann (1925-2002): German professor of systematic and philosophical theology at the University of Tübingen.
  • Wilfried Maassmann (1939-2014): German musicologist and professor of 20th century music at the Folkwang University of the Arts.
  • Wolfgang Maassman (1934-): German journalist and lecturer in journalism.
  • Paul Maassmann (1886-1968): German politician responsible for introducing the process of denazification in occupied Germany after World War II.
  • Anette Maassmann (1941-): German television journalist.

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