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Surname MacBraire - Meaning and Origin

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MacBraire: What does the surname MacBraire mean?

The last name MacBraire is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Bhrothaire, which translates roughly to "son of Brothair." The original Brothair was a powerful warrior who was an ancestor of the MacBraires.

The name MacBraire has several variants, including MacCravar, McCraver, and MacCraver. It first appeared in records dating back to the 12th century in the area of Galloway, Scotland.

The MacBraires were a powerful family in the Galloway area, and they played a large role in the history of the region. During the 13th century, they were loyal to the steward of Galloway and later to the king of Scotland. Later, they supported Robert the Bruce in the Scottish War of Independence.

The MacBraire family also held several prominent positions in Galloway, including the position of bailiff of Lochmaben and the sheriff of Rinyfarew. They also held high offices in the Church of Scotland.

Today, the name MacBraire is still present in the area, and it is a reminder of the strong and powerful family that called the region home. The members of the MacBraire family are proud to carry on the name and proud to know that their family's history is one of loyalty and strength.

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MacBraire: Where does the name MacBraire come from?

The last name MacBraire is most commonly found today in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. Though the name is found throughout the world, it is particularly common in the ancestral homelands of Scotland and Ireland. It is believed that the MacBraire name was first used by the MacBrayer or MacBeathain clan of Scotland. The surname is often believed to have originated from the Gaelic MacBhreatain, which means son of the Briton or son of the stranger.

In Scotland, the MacBraire name can be found concentrated in the Highlands of Scotland. There are many small villages and towns scattered through the Highlands where the MacBraire surname is still quite common. This includes Inverness, a popular tourist destination located north of the Great Glen.

In Ireland, the MacBraire name is most commonly found in East Ulster. Towns and villages such as Banbridge, Portadown and Ballymoney have particularly high concentrations of the MacBraire surname. Across Ireland, there are many people with the MacBraire surname who trace their roots to East Ulster.

In the United States, the MacBraire surname is most commonly found among descendants of Scotch-Irish immigrants. The Scotch-Irish are a large population of Protestant settlers from Scotland and Northern Ireland who immigrated during the colonial era of the 1700s. The MacBraire surname can still be found among Scotch-Irish descendants in the United States today, mainly in the Appalachian Mountains and the Southern states.

Variations of the surname MacBraire

The surname MacBraire is derived from the Irish language and is thought to mean 'son of Braire'. This family name is spelt in various different variants and other spellings include MacBrayer, MacBraoir, MacBryar, MacBriar, MacBrear, and MacBreoir.

The variants of MacBraire are likely influenced by geography and dialects. For example, Scotland spellings of the surname include MacBriar, MacBrair and MacBrayer, which is the most common spelling in Gaelic-speaking parts of Scotland. In Ireland, the spelling of MacBraire has often evolved into MacBrayer, MacBryar, or MacBrear, which are more common spelling varieties of the name.

The MacBraire surname is also known by a few different derivatives surnames, which is common for families of Irish descent. These derivatives include MacGriogar, McGriogair, McGriogarach, and MacGreagra. Additionally, MacBriar and MacBraoir are variants or modifications of this surname that have been used in parts of Scotland and Ireland.

All in all, the surnames MacBraire, MacBrayer, MacBryar, MacBriar, MacBrear, MacBreoir, MacGriogar, McGriogair, McGriogarach, and MacGreagra, are all derived from the Irish-Gaelic surname meaning 'son of Braire'.

Famous people with the name MacBraire

  • Mary MacBrayer: Mary MacBrayer is an English actress and theatre producer. She is best known for her roles in Tom & Viv and Persuasion.
  • Malcolm MacBrayer: Malcolm MacBrayer is an American sportscaster, well known for covering major league baseball for ESPN and the MLB Network.
  • Finley MacBrayer: Finley MacBrayer is an American author and scholar, best known for his nonfiction works on business management and strategy, such as The Changing Architecture of American Business and The Next Wave of Corporate Leadership.
  • Robert MacBrayer: Robert MacBrayer is a British musicologist and lecturer. He is the author of several books on English and Scottish music, including The Oxford Essential Guide to Traditional English Music, The Oxford Essential Guide to Traditional Gaelic Music and The Edinburgh Companion to Traditional Music.
  • Clarence MacBrayer: Clarence MacBrayer was a professional baseball player in the early 20th century, who played for the Philadelphia Athletics and the Brooklyn Grooms. He worked as a minor league umpire after his playing career ended.
  • Neal MacBrayer: Neal MacBrayer is a British journeyman footballer who was a part of the famous Watford side of the mid-1980s. He also made appearances for West Ham United, Cardiff City, and several other professional and semi-professional clubs.
  • John MacBrayer: John MacBrayer is a Scottish lawyer and political scientist who was appointed to the Scottish Parliament in 2016. He has held a number of high-profile positions, such as consultant to the European Commission and advisor to the Monarch of Scotland.
  • Joel MacBrayer: Joel MacBrayer is an American actor best known for his roles in the films Network, The Great Gatsby, and American Sniper.
  • Jonathan MacBrayer: Jonathan MacBrayer is an English actor, most well-known for playing the titular role in the BBC drama Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

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