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Surname MacCutcheon - Meaning and Origin

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MacCutcheon: What does the surname MacCutcheon mean?

The surname MacCutcheon is of Scottish origin. In Gaelic, the name is written as Mac-Uisdein, which means "son of Uisdean" or "son of Hugh." The name has roots in the ancient Dalriadan clans of Scotland's west coast and Hebrides islands. Over the centuries, it was Anglicized into different variations, including MacCutcheon. Note that "mac" in Gaelic means son, thus emphasizing a patriarchal lineage. The usage of surnames in Scotland didn't become common until the 16th century, typically being descriptive and based on factors such as occupation, location, father's name, or personal characteristics—it means that this last name likely signifies direct or ancestral relationship to a person named Uisdean or Hugh. Hence, MacCutcheon essentially indicated a familial relationship in historical eras where surnames served as indicators of lineage and descent.

MacCutcheon: Where does the name MacCutcheon come from?

The surname MacCutcheon is of Scottish origin. The name originated from the Gaelic name "Mac Uisdein", meaning "son of Uisdein". Uisdein is a variant of the old personal name Uisdean, which itself comes from Hugh. Hence, "Mac Uisdein" can be loosely translated as "son of Hugh".

The MacCutcheon name is among many Scottish names that were spread across the globe through large-scale migration from Scotland. Scottish families began emigrating to North America, Australia, and South Africa in the late 1700s to the early 1900s in search of better living conditions.

As a result, the MacCutcheon surname, while historically and culturally rooted in Scotland, is now present in various parts of the world. In modern times, it is commonly found in countries with significant Scottish diaspora such as Canada, the United States, and Australia, as well as in Scotland itself. In Scotland, the name is particularly concentrated in the Western Isles region. However, it is not among the most popular surnames and thus it’s relatively rare.

Variations of the surname MacCutcheon

The surname MacCutcheon has diverse variants and spellings. Many times, these variations occurred due to phonetic translations when families immigrated to new countries, and the spellings changed with the phonetic interpretation of the name.

Variants of the surname MacCutcheon include McCutcheon, MacCutchin, MacCutchon, MacCutchion, MacCutchan, and MacCutchon. Other similar versions may exist where prefixes are changed such as O’Cutcheon or Cutcheon.

Variations of spelling appear within the same name due to clerical errors or phonetic variations (how it sounded to the person writing it). For example, one could find McCutcheon spelled as McCutchon, McCutchen, MacCutchan, MacCutchen, Makcutcheon, and so on.

However, all of these names are believed to be derivatives of Mac Huchon, a name of Gaelic origin in Scotland. Mac Huchon means "son of Huchon", and was originally translated into English as Hughes or Hewison before evolving into the many versions seen today.

It's also worth noting that in Ireland, the name Hughes (derived from Huchon) was often anglicized as McCutcheon. So although the origins are Scottish, there's a significant Irish connection to the name as well.

Famous people with the name MacCutcheon

  • Donald MacCormick MacCutcheon: He was a noted Scottish journalist and television broadcaster, hosting several BBC programs.
  • Stephen MacCutcheon: He is a celebrated photographer, known for his landscape and architectural photos, particularly his work in Europe.
  • Martine McCutcheon: While her spelling is slightly different, she is a notable English actress and singer. She's best known for her role in the “Love Actually” film and as Tiffany Mitchell in “EastEnders”.
  • Robert Millner Shackleton MacCutcheon: He was a renowned author, lecturer, and President of Pennsylvania Military College.
  • John Bernard MacCutcheon: He is recognized as a leading American cartoonist and journalist, contributing to several high-profile newspapers during his career.
  • Mac MacCutcheon: He is both a retired U.S. Army officer and politician from Alabama, serving in the Alabama House of Representatives.
  • George Barr McCutcheon (alternative spelling): He was a notable American novelist and playwright of the early 20th century, and his most popular work is the novel "Brewster's Millions". Please note, not all individuals use the exact spelling 'MacCutcheon', but use variant spellings that are derived from the same root surname.

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