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Surname MacHaffie - Meaning and Origin

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MacHaffie: What does the surname MacHaffie mean?

The last name MacHaffie is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic MacUamhaigh, which translates to mean “son of Uamhaigh”. Uamhaigh is the Gaelic form of the name Humphrey, which is of Germanic origin and derived from the elements Hun ("warrior") and Frid ("peace").

The surname MacHaffie is most commonly found in the region of Scotland known as the Highlands, though it can also be found in other areas such as Ireland, England, and Canada. In Scotland, the MacHaffie surname has been associated with MacHaffie castle, which sits on the island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Its remains are still standing today.

The MacHaffie surname is an indication of the proud ancestry that comes along with it. As a clan name, it indicates that the family is descended from a once ruling family in the Scottish Highlands. It is a connection to the noble past of Scottish history and culture. People who carry the MacHaffie surname take pride in their heritage and are reminded of the powerful history of their clan.

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MacHaffie: Where does the name MacHaffie come from?

The surnames MacHaffie is quite a rare name today and is found predominantly in the United-States. According to the US Census in 2020, it is estimated that just over 500 people have the surname MacHaffie, making it even more elusive than it already is.

The majority of MacHaffie families today are related to the original American MacHaffie family, which came from the United Kingdom in the late 19th century. It has been suggested that the family originated in Scotland, as evidenced by the MacHaffie Coat of Arms, which is of Scottish design.

Today, the MacHaffies can be found mainly in the United States, particularly in areas such as Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania. The name has spread to other countries, such as Canada and even Australia. It is thought that some of the MacHaffies may even have emigrated to these countries in search of a better life.

Not much else is known about the MacHaffie name today but it would appear that the name is still alive and well with over 500 people in the US sharing it. The MacHaffies have been able to spread their name to other countries over the generations, yet remain relatively exclusive with only a few hundred people bearing the name globally.

Variations of the surname MacHaffie

The surname MacHaffie is an anglicized version of the Scottish Gaelic surname "Mac Sìthmheinn," which is derived from the old Gaelic personal name “Sitheamh,” meaning “peaceful.”

Variants of the name MacHaffie include MacHaffey, MacHuffey, MacHuffle, MacHuffie, MacChuffle, MacShuffle, MacShaffie, McHaffey, McHuffed, MacSwifey, MacSlifey, MacGuffey, MacHiffe, MacHuffley, Machuff, MacKuff, MacGoffee, Machaffie, and MacHufey.

Other spellings such as MacHaiffey, MacHoffey, MacHoffy, MacHaffy, Machaeffey, MacKhewfee, MacHethrow, MacHaifley, MacHennen, MacKyewfee, MacHinnen, MacHefie, MacCuff, MacKewfee, MacHinney, Maccyffie, and MacCheffy are also frequently used.

Variant surnames of the original MacHaffie include MacSey, MacSay, McCaffee, MacSheaf, McFee, McCaffrey, McCauffey, McCoffey, MacCheffy, MacShee, MacKewfee, McCough, McFeeley, MacHoffee, MacShee, MacHooffy, MakSeffy, MacCowfie, MaCofy, MacKoffey, and MacKeffee.

The MacHaffie surname is also common in Ireland and has numerous spelling variations including MacCaffry, MacCaffree, Cavers, McCain, McKeever, MacKevvie, and MacCuffie.

No matter the spelling, the name MacHaffie is of Scottish Gaelic origin, and all variations of the name are said to descend from the first known person to bear the surname Mac Sìthmheinn in Scotland during the Middle Ages.

Famous people with the name MacHaffie

  • Sydney MacHaffie: Canadian actress, best known for her roles in Mary Kills People, Citizen Koch, and Oxygen.
  • Cynthia MacHaffie: Canadian artist, known for her abstract paintings in acrylics and mixed media.
  • Ben MacHaffie: Former running back for the University of West Virginia Mountaineers football team.
  • Jessica MacHaffie: American actress, currently appearing in roles on shows such as Chicago Fire, Empire, and 10 Items or Less.
  • Sally MacHaffie: Award-winning author of novels and short stories.
  • Duke MacHaffie: American country singer and instrumentalist, best known for the hit single “I Go Where My Heart Says”.
  • Juliette MacHaffie: British musician, recording artist and author of the book 'Music, Mood and Me'.
  • Andrew MacHaffie: American academic, currently a professor of English at Princeton University.
  • Carrol MacHaffie: Painter, sculptor, and installation artist from Philadelphia.
  • Sarah MacHaffie: Irish writer, best known for her short novel “The Fog Descending”.

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