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Surname MacHarold - Meaning and Origin

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MacHarold: What does the surname MacHarold mean?

The last name MacHarold is a Scottish surname derived from the Gaelic language. The name is thought to have originated from the Gaelic mac-harold, meaning "son of Harold". The various forms of the surname, such as MacHerald and MacHerold, are believed to have evolved from the original Gaelic form throughout the centuries.

The MacHarold surname originated in the Scottish Highlands and is associated with the old Clan Donald. Clan Donald was one of the most powerful and famous Scottish Clans and occupied much of the lands of the south and western Isles throughout its periods of rule. According to the Clan Donald Society, the name MacHarold is associated with Clan Donald through the MacHarold who were "associated with the family of MacDonald of Dunnyveg in the Lordship of the Isles".

Although the exact origin of the name is not known, it is believed to have evolved with the various forms of the surname through the centuries. The MacHarold family is believed to have been a part of Clan Donald and have had descendants who were active in Scottish politics, religion, and historic battles. The surname is associated with a strong sense of tradition and loyalty to the clan.

Overall, the last name MacHarold represents a long and proud history of Scottish culture and families affiliated with Clan Donald. It is a name that symbolizes a strong loyalty and a commitment to one's roots and family.

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MacHarold: Where does the name MacHarold come from?

The MacHarold surname is today most commonly found in Scotland, due to the strong ties between early generations of the clan and the country. This is particularly true in the Highlands, the traditional home of the MacHarold family, where the name is still well known in the area.

It is also commonly found elsewhere in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many families moved to other parts of the country or the island in search of better opportunities. Even so, there remained strong ties between the MacHarold’s in Scotland and those elsewhere in the British Isles.

Due to the diaspora of the clan, the MacHarold surname can also be found in larger numbers in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Records show the first individuals bearing the surname emigrating from Scotland in the mid-1800s, and since then, many families have settled in these countries, bringing the MacHarold name with them.

Today, with various emigration opportunities available, the MacHarold surname is likely to be found in any part of the world.

Variations of the surname MacHarold

The surname MacHarold has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include MacHarlane, MacCarroll, and McCarroll. Additionally, it can be spelled as MacHarrold, MacHerold, and Macharald.

MacHarold is a surname derived from the Gaelic language, meaning “son of Harold”. The root form of the surname, Harold, is typically derived from Old German and means “army power”. It is believed that the first bearers of the MacHarold name were the descendants of Harold, a Norman nobleman who arrived in Ireland during the 11th century.

The MacHarlane and MacCarroll family names trace their roots to the same Norman nobleman. The MacHarlanes settled in the south of Ireland, in County Kerry and Cork, while the MacCarrolls settled mainly in the north, in the area near present-day Belfast. Both these surnames likely originated from the patriarch Harold, but there is some dispute as to the exact split between the two families.

The surname MacHerold is a more modern version of the same name. It is derived from a more recent English transliteration of the Gaelic name, and it does not necessarily indicate a direct relation to the original Scottish-Irish family line.

The MacHarrold and Macharald spellings are also English-made versions, although neither has any relation to the original Gaelic name.

Overall, MacHarold is an ancient and diverse surname that has been passed down through many generations in Scottish-Irish families and echoes the roots of a Norman nobleman centuries ago.

Famous people with the name MacHarold

  • Jasmine MacHarold: American fashion designer best known for running a high-end womenswear label, Jasmine McHarold Collection.
  • Sissy MacHarold: professional ballerina and actress from the UK.
  • Justin MacHarold: American actor and television writer. He is best known for his work on shows like Will & Grace, The New Girl, and American Horror Story.
  • Candace MacHarold: Political organizer and activist in the US. She is the founder of the progressive grassroots organization "The Alliance for Social Change".
  • Sarah MacHarold: American politician and the first female governor of Ohio. She was instrumental in pushing for controversial a womens' rights legislation.
  • Shane MacHarold: Award-winning Canadian country music artist.
  • James MacHarold: British actor, best known for his role as Harold in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.
  • Jimmy MacHarold: American jazz saxophonist. He played with legendary players including Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
  • Dan MacHarold: Singer-songwriter from Ireland. He is well known for his solo work, including albums such as Down the Shore and Dark Night of the Soul.
  • Malcolm MacHarold: Canadian novelist, best known for works such as The Burning, The God of Fur and Spin.

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