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Surname MacHaughney - Meaning and Origin

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MacHaughney: What does the surname MacHaughney mean?

The last name MacHaughney is an Irish-Scottish surname originating from the Gaelic Mac Eachainn, meaning "son of Hugh". It was most likely derived from the given name Hušon, itself derived from the Old German "hug" meaning "heart, mind, or spirit".

MacHaughney is associated with Angus, Scotland, where the family was found dating back to the 1400s. During this time, they were dispossessed landowners in southern Scotland, and carried both the burden and the benefits of this lineage. They were traditionally connected to the farming trade, working the fertile soils of Angus.

As with most hereditary last names, MacHaghney could often provide a glimpse into a family's ancestral roots and social standing in medieval times. Today, this surname is still most common in Scotland, but also has extended to many other countries in the world, including Ireland, Canada, United States and Australia.

The traditional meaning of the surname gives a sense of honour, optimism and ambition. The roots of the name signify someone who is passionate, determined and motivated, and often someone who can be quite successful in their life's venture. The name would carry an aura of respectability and wealth, representing an individual of strong character and honesty.

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MacHaughney: Where does the name MacHaughney come from?

The last name MacHaughney is most commonly found today in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is an anglicized version of the Gaelic surname Mhic Thoghearnaich or Mac Thoghearnaich, which means “son of the lord” and is a patronymic surname derived from the ancestor’s first name. It is a fairly rare name, though records suggest it might have originated in the Province of Ulster.

In addition to Scotland and Northern Ireland, MacHaughney can also be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, especially in areas where there was significant Irish immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries. The number of people carrying the surname is quite sparse, suggesting the family was not especially prolific in its emigration.

In Scotland, MacHaughney is most common in the Argyll area, where the family is believed to have first settled in the late 16th century. In Northern Ireland, Counties Antrim and Tyrone are among the places the surname is found.

Despite the fact that the name is not especially common, it has been known to have a variety of spellings, which include McHaughna, MacHagney, MacHaney, MacHannan, MacHanna, and MacHenery. It is quite likely that spellings vary depending on the region, as well as how the name has evolved and changed over time.

Variations of the surname MacHaughney

The surname MacHaughney is a patronymic name of Gaelic Irish origin meaning 'son of Aghna.' Its variations and spellings include the Gaelic forms MacHaughnaigh, MacHaghna, Keenan, and Ó hAonghusa.

In anglicized forms, MacHughney, MacHughney and MacAghney are also found in County Donegal,Ireland. These are often interchangeable with MacHaughney, or used in parallel with it.

The surname has also been Anglicized into Hugheney and Haughney. Haughney is a variant which is found particularly in County Leitrim in the province of Connacht.

In the United States and Canada, the surname is often seen as MacAnaughney, using the English prefix Mac- for the patronymic.

A variant of the name can be found in Scotland, in the form of McAhney. This form is often considered a sept of Clan MacKay, and is found in the area of southwest Sutherland and northern Caithness.

Other variants found are McNaughney, McNaughan, McGonaghey, McGoneth, McKenan, McKeagney, McKenna, McKaughan, McNaulty, McNulty, and McOnahue.

Finally, the surname may be related to the German surname Machenheim, which is found in northwestern Germany, and may be a variant of MacHaughney.

Famous people with the name MacHaughney

  • Chloe MacHaughney: professional tennis player from Scotland
  • Jaimie MacHaughney: former professional soccer player from Australia
  • Evan MacHaughney: Scottish actor and musician known for his roles in films such as “Trainspotting” and “Beats”
  • Sarah MacHaughney: British fashion designer and creative director of the London-based label “MacHaughney & Co.”
  • Matthew MacHaughney: American television and film actor, most famous for his roles in films such as “The Adjustment Bureau” and “The Bourne Legacy”
  • Robert MacHaughney: four-time Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter who has worked with artists such as Cyndi Lauper and Aretha Franklin
  • Gavin MacHaughney: Irish sculptor, named as one of the country’s most influential voices in arts and culture
  • Daniel MacHaughney: Canadian-American film director, best known for his work on the 2003 movie “Love Object”
  • Shona MacHaughney: prominent Scottish lawyer and leader of the Edinburgh Bar Association
  • Stuart MacHaughney: British screenwriter and author, who wrote the play “The Pigeon Conspiracy”

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