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Surname MacKnight - Meaning and Origin

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MacKnight: What does the surname MacKnight mean?

The surname MacKnight is of Scottish origin and is a variant of the surname McKnight. The name is derived from the Middle English word "knight", which signifies a servant or retainer. The prefix "Mac" or "Mc" in the name is a Gaelic term, which means "son of". Therefore, the surname MacKnight essentially translates to "son of a servant or retainer". The name could have been likely given to the son of a person who served a knight in a certain capacity. Various forms of the surname exist in different regions, including McKnight, MacNight, and Knight. Like most surnames, over centuries and generations, the name has spread across different countries and have people with this surname beyond Scotland and Ireland. Surnames were used as a way to sort people into groups, for purposes such as employment, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, and even physical characteristics. Please note this is a common interpretation of the surname, but personal family histories may vary.

MacKnight: Where does the name MacKnight come from?

The last name MacKnight is of Scottish origin. It derives from the Old English word "knight", meaning a soldier or member of the warrior class, combined with the Gaelic prefix "Mac", meaning "son of". Thus, MacKnight can be interpreted as “son of the knight”. It likely originated as a nickname or occupational name before it became a hereditary surname.

As for its prevalence today, MacKnight is not a common last name. It is most commonly found in the United States, followed by Australia and Canada. However, it is still present in Scotland, the country of its origin. Despite its rarity, the MacKnight name is a significant part of Scottish history, and those who bear it are likely descended from a long line of warriors. MacKnight families can be found in various regions around the world due to migration, but the highest concentration remains in English-speaking countries.

Variations of the surname MacKnight

The surname MacKnight is of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic "Mac Neachtain" which means "son of Nechtan". The name Nechtan likely comes from the term "necht" meaning "pure" or "clear".

Given the evolution of language over centuries and the different cultural influences on Scotland, there are several variations and alternate spellings of the surname MacKnight. These include McKnight, MacNaughtan, McNachtan, McNaughton, MacNaghten, MacNechten, Maknekyn, Machnathane, McKnoght, and M’Knight among others.

Moreover, due to the common practice of anglicization and pronunciation variance in surnames, the surname MacKnight may also exist with different prefixes like Mc (also of Gaelic origin but used extensively in Irish surnames). So, the variants might also include McKnight.

In the case of surnames from the same family or origin, names that can be considered include those derived from Nechtan—like Nechtin, Nechtan or even Naughtan. Please note, however, that while these different spellings, variants, and surnames might have a common origin, each has its own lineage and story, and might not necessarily denote a familial connection to all of the others.

Famous people with the name MacKnight

  • Gordon McKnight: Canadian Ice Hockey Player.
  • Tom McKnight: American Musician
  • Shari McKnight: Former Miss America
  • Nick McKnight: British Television presenter
  • Sven McKnight: Swedish Musician
  • Colin McKnight: Australian Musician
  • Dave McKnight: American businessman
  • Rob McKnight: Australian Television Host
  • Tina McKnight: American singer-songwriter
  • Craig McKnight: English Comedian
  • Carl McKnight: American Professional Basketball Player
  • K.K. McKnight: American Poet
  • Brad McKnight: American Film Director
  • Bill McKnight: American Country Music Artist
  • John McKnight: American Actor

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