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Surname MacMallen - Meaning and Origin

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MacMallen: What does the surname MacMallen mean?

The last name MacMallen is of Scottish origin but it doesn't appear to have a specific, universally recognized meaning. Like many surnames with the "Mac" prefix, it may suggest "son of," which is a common element in Gaelic surnames. The "Mallen" part of the name is less clear. There's a possibility that it may be derived from the Gaelic "Maoláin," relating to a bald or tonsured person, often referring to a devotee of a saint or a religious person. It's also possible that it has connections to a specific place or geographical feature. However, without clear historical documentation, it's difficult to assign a definitive meaning. Such interpretations should therefore be taken with caution, and it may be more accurate to trace the individual family history for a better understanding of the name’s origin.

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MacMallen: Where does the name MacMallen come from?

The last name MacMallen is of Scottish origin. It's a variant of the surname MacMillan, which in Scottish Gaelic is "MacMhaolain". This surname is derived from an old Celtic personal name meaning 'bald or tonsured one’, originally referring to a religious devotee. This name was particularly common in the Scottish regions of Argyll and Galloway, and also in Ulster in Ireland.

Today, it is most commonly found in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Given the historical links between Scotland, Ireland and these countries due to immigration, it's likely that descendants carrying this surname live in these parts of the world. However, like with many surnames, the geographical spread can be quite wide due to global migration patterns. Despite this, the name remains relatively rare.

Variations of the surname MacMallen

The surname MacMallen is of Scottish origin and believed to have derived from the Gaelic name MacMhaolain. It’s also found as MacMillan, Macmilan, MacMilin, MacMillen, MacMillan, MacMullan, MacMullin, MacMullen, and McMullen in English.

Moreover, it’s also found as McMillan, McMillen, McMillon, McMillin, McMullin, McMullen, McMilling, McMilllan, McMillen, McMullon and McMilon.

Another way to spell the surname could be MacMellon or McMellon. Other variants of this surname include MacMollin, MacMolin, MacMollian, MacMollan, McMillian, McMellin, McMelling, and McMelan.

Irish variants like Mac Maoláin may also be considered. Some versions drop the "Mac" or "Mc" prefix altogether, resulting in names like Millan, Millen, Millin.

It is important to note that the spellings vary with the era, geographical region, illiteracy, and Anglicization. Inconsistencies and variations are common because early clerks and church officials often spelled names phonetically.

A name's spelling might have changed over centuries and some versions may be rare or seem unfamiliar today. The name itself signifies 'son of the bald or tonsured one', often referring to a religious figure or devotee.

Famous people with the name MacMallen

  • Mac Mallen, lead singer/songwriter of Israeli alternative rock band Monotonix
  • Jack MacMallen, film producer and actor
  • James MacMallen, Academy Award-winning production designer
  • Patrick MacMallen, American playwright, screenwriter, actor, and comedian
  • Ian MacMallen, British actor, author, and director
  • Nancy MacMallen, award-winning Canadian journalist
  • John MacMallen, American Olympic and world champion shooter
  • Matt MacMallen, British actor
  • Susan MacMallen, American sculptor and installation artist
  • Steve MacMallen, former Major League Baseball player

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