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Surname MacMangus - Meaning and Origin

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MacMangus: What does the surname MacMangus mean?

The surname MacMangus is of Scottish origin and it's a patronymic name. In Gaelic, it is spelled as "MacMhagnuis", derived from the personal name "Magnus", which means 'great' in Latin. The "Mac" prefix means 'son of', thus MacMangus essentially means 'son of Magnus'. This name is thought to have emerged from the Norsemen who settled in Scotland and then intermarried with the Scots. The name Magnus was popular among the Norsemen, honoring the famous King Magnus I of Norway. Therefore, the surname's bearers may be descendants of a person named Magnus. Specific information on the historical significance or meaning of the last name MacMangus beyond this interpretation is difficult to locate, which is often the case with ancient family names. While it's unknown whether the original MacMangus was significant in their community or not, the name's bearers today create their own individual legacies with it.

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MacMangus: Where does the name MacMangus come from?

The surname MacMangus appears to be of Scottish origin, suggesting a potential connection to Clan MacInnes, a Scottish clan from the Highlands. The prefix "Mac" denotes "son of" in Gaelic, further supporting its Celtic roots. The second part of the surname, "Mangus," could be a variant of Magnus, which is Latin for "great." Hence, the surname could possibly mean "son of Magnus" or "son of the great one."

However, there are few definitive records tracing the origins of this particular surname, and it seems to be quite rare. Because of its Gaelic roots, this surname likely originated from Scotland and may have been carried to other countries like Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand through emigration. Despite this, the surname MacMangus is not currently prolific in any specific region.

In modern times, its scarcity makes it difficult to perceive any substantial concentration in a particular area. Individuals carrying the MacMangus surname may be found sporadically across English-speaking countries, but it is not considered a common surname in any of these regions.

Variations of the surname MacMangus

The surname MacMangus is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Magnus which literally means "son of Magnus." MacMangus is a patronymic surname, a type of surname that derived from a paternal ancestor.

There are several spelling variants and surnames of the same origin for MacMangus due to regional differences and Anglicization of Gaelic names. Variations include McManus, MacManus, Magnus, MacManas, MacManners and Magnusson. MacMannis and MacMagnus are also similar names. Other spellings due to transliteration from Gaelic to English could include MacMaonghus and MacMaghnusa.

It's also worth noting that many Irish surnames like MacMangus dropped the "Mac" or "Mc" prefix entirely during periods when it was politically disadvantageous to appear too Irish. So you may also find variants just as Mangus or Manus.

While these names might be etymologically linked, it's important to remember that each individual surname has its own history and might not necessarily denote familial connections to all other bearers of similar surnames.

Famous people with the name MacMangus

  • Bria MacMangus: singer and songwriter
  • Emma MacMangus: actress
  • Senan MacMangus: soccer player
  • Logan MacMangus: professional hockey player
  • Marcus MacMangus: artist
  • Lachlan MacMangus: marathon runner
  • Nan MacMangus: drag racer
  • Jenna MacMangus: professional poker player
  • Lyric MacMangus: musician
  • Seth MacMangus: actor
  • Willa MacMangus: fashion stylist
  • Ryan MacMangus: screenwriter
  • Shaw MacMangus: Olympic skater
  • Chance MacMangus: golfer
  • Arnold MacMangus: stuntman
  • Jethro MacMangus: stuntman
  • Allara MacMangus: singer
  • Alexander MacMangus: judge
  • Kris MacMangus: poet
  • Jake MacMangus: comedian

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