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Surname MacMaurice - Meaning and Origin

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MacMaurice: What does the surname MacMaurice mean?

The last name MacMaurice is of Irish origin. The root of the name is derived from “MacMurchadh” which comes from the Gaelic words Mac or "son of" and Murchadh which means "seafarer” or “sea warrior”. Traditionally, the MacMaurice name originated in County Cork and County Kerry, located in the Southwest of Ireland.

It is also believed that MacMaurice is a form of the Scottish MacMurchie name. The name is found in Scottish records since the 12th century. The son of Muireadhach, Murchadh, went to Scotland following a Heremon prince. He was noted as 'Lord of Lorne', reigning in Scotland from the mid-13th century until the mid-14th century.

MacMaurice family members were known to take part in battles alongside some of the greatest warriors in history. They believed that they were the descendants of Murchadh, the son of Muireadhach, who was known for his courage and fighting spirit.

In modern times, members of the MacMaurice family are proud of their Irish roots and are often referred to as “MacMaurices”. They bear the nickname with pride and are known to be fiercely loyal to their families and to those close to them. Today, many MacMaurices still call Ireland their home and have since spread out to many different countries around the world.

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MacMaurice: Where does the name MacMaurice come from?

The last name MacMaurice is most common today in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is most prevalent in the south of England and in Ireland.

Evidence suggests the MacMaurice sept, or branch, of Clan Donald originated in County Derry and County Down in Ireland. These families may have migrated to other parts of Ireland, then to Scotland, and then to England.

In Australia, the MacMaurice name can be traced as far back as the 1830s. There are also MacMaurices in Canada and the United States, although not as numerous as in the UK and Ireland.

For the most part, the MacMaurice family is of Scottish origin. The origin of the name lies in the Regalian Rights of the medieval earls of Scotland, which stated that the title of MacMaurice should always be granted to the eldest son of the chief. The name is believed to refer to a “servant of Maurice”.

In Northern Ireland today, the MacMaurices are still part of the great Clan Donald, which is headed by the chiefdom of Lord MacDonald, the Lord of the Isles. In Scotland, the clan associations of MacMaurice have been led by Sir Alexander MacMaurice of Dunconnell.

In England, the MacMaurice family can be traced back to the reign of Henry VIII, when living largely in the north of England and nearby Scotland. There are now many MacMaurices through all of England and Scotland, and indeed at least a few throughout the rest of the world.

Variations of the surname MacMaurice

MacMaurice is the anglicised form of the Irish-Gaelic name Mac Muiris – meaning "son of Maurice". There are numerous variants and spellings of the surname, including MacMurphy, MacMurray, MacMorris, MacMorrisey, MacMorrissey, MacMorish, MacMaurice, MacMeuris, MacMurry, MacMauris, MacMaury and more.

The name MacMuiris originated in the 10th century through Mac Murchada, Chief of Uí Faelain, a territory located in what is now County Dublin, Ireland. At that time, the name MacMuiris was associated with a prominent and powerful family.

In addition to the anglicisation of the name, there are also much more unusual spellings and variants of MacMuiris, such as MacMercy, MacMoorish, MacMuity, MacMwris and MacMurtag. There are also variations in the spelling of the prefix ‘mac’, one of the most common being ‘Mc’.

The spelling variants of MacMuiris have been widely used in families throughout the world, including Scotland, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The most widely used surname of MacMuiris is MacMaurice, which was popularised by the early 19th century. It has since become the most prominent surname associated with this Irish-Gaelic family name.

Famous people with the name MacMaurice

  • Wolf MaCmaurice: American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.
  • Charlotte MacMaurice: an American theatrical dancer and actress.
  • Hector MacMaurice: a Canadian lawyer and politician of the Liberal Party.
  • William MacMaurice: Canadian politician and a member of the Liberal Party.
  • Jessie MacMaurice: an English-born American actress.
  • Adam MacMaurice: A professional golfer, based in Canada.
  • Jon MacMaurice: a British actor, producer, and director.
  • Edward MacMaurice: an American composer, orchestrator, and conductor.
  • Kyle MacMaurice: an American basketball player.
  • Justin MacMaurice: a professional wrestler, soccer player, and actor.

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