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Surname Madarász - Meaning and Origin

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Madarász: What does the surname Madarász mean?

The last name Madarász is a Hungarian surname meaning "bird hunter." It derives from the Hungarian word "madár," which means "bird," and the suffix "-ász," which means "hunter."

The origin of the last name Madarász can be traced back to the ancient clan of Madarász, who were known for their prowess in bird hunting. At the time, wholesale bird hunting was an important economic activity for the clan, who could make a living from selling the caught birds. This skill allowed the members of the clan to become experts in the field, which allowed them to gain status within their community and eventually, become considered part of the higher social class.

The Madarász last name is still commonly found to this day in Hungary, primarily among people living in rural areas. There are also people bearing this last name living in other parts of the world, having emigrated from Hungary during the 20th century.

Although the Madarász last name originally meant “bird hunter”, the modern day meanings and connotations of the name have changed. It is often seen as a symbol of perseverance, resilience, and resourcefulness, with the ability to overcome hardships and find success. Therefore, the last name Madarász can represent the spirit of determination and hard work that is deeply ingrained in the Hungarian culture.

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Madarász: Where does the name Madarász come from?

The surname Madarász ( pronounced MAH-dah-rahsh ) is most common today among people of Central and Eastern European ancestry. This surname is often encountered in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine, where it is derived from a Hungarian word meaning ‘from the forest’. It has a variety of alternate spellings, such as Madarash, Madrasch, and Madras, so people with similar names may be found living in other countries under different spellings.

In the United States, several thousand American citizens have the Madarász surname. This includes both those of Hungarian, Polish, and Ukrainian descent, as well as a small percentage who trace their origins to other Central and Eastern European countries. A further examination reveals survivors of the Holocaust, immigrants during the Cold War era, and even smaller groups from countries as diverse as Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. This underscores the fact that the Madarász surname is quite widespread and still common in many parts of the world.

Today, given that the Madarász surname is more prominent in certain regions, it is important to understand its cultural and linguistic contexts. It is a common Hungarian name, but it also appears in other Central and Eastern European traditions, particularly those that share some kind of Hungarian connection. Thus, knowing the context of the name’s origin, its variants, and its regional presence can be enlightening and provide important information for those interested in researching their family history or genealogy.

Variations of the surname Madarász

The surname Madarász is of Hungarian origin and is equivalent to the English surname Matthews or Mathews, derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu. It is derived from the combination of the words 'mattit' (gift) and 'Yahu' (YHWH or Jehovah). Other variants of the surname include: Matas, Madarsh, Matash, Madarash, Madaras, Matasz and other variations of the same spelling. It is believed that the surname originated from an old personal name that was then adopted as a surname.

In some cases, the Madarász surname has been adopted by families with Slavic origins, most likely through intermarriage. The Slavic variant of the surname is Matashevich, although some variants such as Matashov, Madarshin, Madarashin, and Matashevchuks are also found.

In other cases, Madarász has been adopted by families with Polish and Romanian ancestry. The Polish variant is Mathewsky, while the Romanian variant is Matascu. The surnames Matick, Madaritch, and Modritch may be variations of the same surname as well. Furthermore, the surnames Madaras and Madarov are also variations of the same surname, both of which are of Jewish Ukrainian origin.

Families with the same ancestral surnames of Madarász often come from the same region of Hungary, especially from the southern part of the country. Thus, this surname is generally associated with people of Hungarian descent and those with similar ancestry.

Famous people with the name Madarász

  • Amy Madarász: American musician, composer, and educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Anna Madarász: Hungarian photographer and journalist.
  • Endre Madarász: Hungarian politician, lawyer, and diplomat.
  • Gyula Madarász: Hungarian mathematician.
  • József Madarász: Hungarian cyclist and professional road racing cyclist.
  • Mihály Madarász: Hungarian professor of philosophy and publicist.
  • Orsi Madarász: Hungarian swimmer and Olympic medalist.
  • Róbert Madarász: Hungarian Fencing master.

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