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Surname Madawc - Meaning and Origin

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Madawc: What does the surname Madawc mean?

The last name "Madawc" does not have a widely recognized or established meaning as it is relatively uncommon and its origins are not well-documented. The spelling suggests it could potentially be of Welsh origin, where the name "Madoc" is not uncommon, but changes in spelling over time and across geographical regions make it difficult to confirm this. In the Welsh context, "Madoc" is believed to mean 'fortunate' or 'good fortune'. Therefore, if "Madawc" follows this same lineage, it might have a similar meaning. But without more specific historical or genealogical context, the exact meaning of "Madawc" would be mostly speculative.

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Madawc: Where does the name Madawc come from?

The last name Madawc is of Welsh origin. It appears to be derived from Madoc, a traditional Welsh name. It's important to note that Welsh names often undergo various changes in spelling and pronunciation over generations due to factors such as migration, phonetic evolution, or anglicization, and Madawc could be one such variation. This surname is quite rare today. There is not a significant concentration of people with the surname Madawc in any particular country or region, suggesting it may have faded from common usage or evolved into different forms. To get further detailed and accurate information about the distribution and prevalence of this surname in the present day, specialized genealogical research or a consultation with a professional in the field may be required.

Variations of the surname Madawc

The surname Madawc is of Welsh origin. There are several variant spellings and Anglicizations that derive from the same root. They include Maddock, Madoch, Madog, Maddocks, and Maddox, each with slightly differing levels of Welsh inflection. The surname Maddux is also considered a variant of Madawc, more commonly found in the United States.

Madawc itself is derived from an old Welsh given name, Madoc, which is historically significant – a legendary Welsh prince is known by this name. Some other Welsh forms of the name include Madog, Madwg, and Madawg.

The surnames have all evolved from these original spellings over time, adapting to different regional accents and ways of spelling in the areas where the descendants of the original Madawc's settled, both in Wales and internationally.

It should be noted that while these surnames might all have the same origin, individual families might have different histories and stories associated with their specific surname, due to the various socio-cultural factors throughout generations.

Famous people with the name Madawc

  • Jonathan Madawc Williams: a Welsh writer and critic and one of the most important figures in the British art world of the 20th century.
  • Owain Madawc ap Maredudd: a Welsh nobleman who was a courtier to King Edward I of England and an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Madawc ap Rhys: a Welsh poet and bard of the 13th century.
  • William Llewellyn Madawc Jones: a Welsh politician and Member of Parliament.
  • Abraham Madawc Jones: a Welsh Congregationalist minister and author.
  • Gruffud ap Madawc Lloyd: a Welsh politician, lawyer and military man who held the office of High Sheriff of Merioneth and was an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • John Madawc of Brecon: a Welsh nobleman and Norman knight who fought for William the Conqueror during the Norman invasion of 1066.
  • Madawc Morgan: a Welsh actor and playwright.
  • Madawc ap Rhobert: a Welsh nobleman and soldier of the 13th century who fought in the Welsh wars against the English invasion of Wales.
  • Dave Madawc Williams: an American rock musician and songwriter.

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