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Surname Madfes - Meaning and Origin

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Madfes: What does the surname Madfes mean?

The surname Madfes is not common and does not seem to have a widely recognized meaning in any particular language or culture. It does not appear in lists of common last names from various countries, nor does it appear in most surname etymology databases. It seems to be a unique surname that could be specific to a small number of individuals or families. It's also likely that the name could have undergone changes in spelling or pronunciation over the years due to immigration or other factors, making it even harder to trace its origins. The meaning of a surname can often provide insight into geographical origins, occupation, or ancestral characteristics, but in this case, the meaning is unclear. Researching genealogical records or reaching out to family members are potential ways to uncover more information about the origins and meaning of the surname Madfes.

Madfes: Where does the name Madfes come from?

The surname Madfes is of unclear origin, with various sources suggesting it could likely be Jewish or Eastern European, possibly Hungarian. It is relatively rare, appearing more frequently in the United States than in other countries. However, it should be noted that migration patterns, name changes, and other factors can often obscure the true distribution and origin of a surname. The meaning of the surname Madfes is unknown as well. Like many surnames, it may have originally referred to a place, occupation, or other descriptor of an ancestor. Today, digital resources, such as or, may be helpful in tracing the genealogy and geography of the Madfes family name. Nevertheless, more concrete information about the Madfes surname would ideally be obtained through detailed genealogical research or genetic ancestry tests.

Variations of the surname Madfes

The surname "Madfes" seems to be unique and doesn't have a lot of variants. It could potentially be spelled as "Madfis" or "Madfez". It's extremely important to note that the frequency of a name could change due to a number of factors including migration and linguistic adaptations.

However, tracing the origin of the name sheds some light on possible related surnames. Madfes is of Jewish (Ashkenazic) origin. It may derive from the Hebrew personal name "madfai", in Christian context known as "Modestus", a name borne by several saints, which is from Latin "modestus" meaning ‘moderate’ or ‘restrained’.

Therefore, it's quite possible that other Jewish (Ashkenazic) surnames may have the same origin even though they are not direct variants. A few of these surnames are Wexler, Berger, Frankel, Drucker.

However, it is crucial to conduct an extensive genealogical research to confidently determine surnames of the same origin and their potential variants or alternate spellings. This is due to complexities associated with name evolution, migration, translation, and regional linguistic variations.

Famous people with the name Madfes

  • Ori Madfes: Israeli model and actor.
  • Micha Madfes: Israeli artist, director, and actor.
  • Dalia Madfes: Israeli model and actress.
  • Martina Madfes: Italian former competitive figure skater.
  • Haro Madfes: Greek retired footballer.
  • Rob Madfes: American real estate investor and CEO of Madfes Property Group.
  • Tal Madfes: Israeli professional basketball player.
  • Guy Madfes: American television, stage, and film actor.
  • Yair Madfes: Israeli wheelchair tennis player.
  • Dorina Madfes: Israeli model, television presenter, and actress.

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