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Surname Madrid - Meaning and Origin

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Madrid: What does the surname Madrid mean?

The last name Madrid is of Spanish or possibly Portuguese origin and is a derived from the city of Madrid in Spain. Madrid means 'mooring' or a 'place of many waters'. The name likely originates from the Arab words malité and drid, which form the phrases 'Al-Malidar' (meaning fortified place) or 'Mahoreta Drid' (meaning the watery place).

Given its geographical origins, it makes sense that Madrid represents a place where people gather, come together, and moor up - a safe harbor from the storms of the outside world. It's a place to find stability and strength in one another, and this sentiment carries over into the originating families of Madrid's surname. It reflects the spirit of the people of Madrid: a spirit of friendship, understanding, and tolerance, with a fiercely loyal adherence to their home.

Today, the name Madrid can be seen across many countries and cultures, its geographic roots long forgotten. For the people who carry the name, it is a reminder of their shared heritage of facing whatever life throws their way with resilience, faith, and hope.

Madrid: Where does the name Madrid come from?

The last name Madrid is a Spanish surname most commonly found throughout Spain and Latin America. It is a topographic name referencing the city of Madrid, which is the capital of Spain. It is also often an occupational name, denoting a person who worked in Madrid or had a connection to the city in some way.

It is quite common in Spanish-speaking countries like Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru, where census records indicate that it is among the top 200 surnames. In the United States, Madrid is among the top 1,000 surnames, according to census data. It is most common in California, Texas, and Nevada, with sizable populations in other states as well.

In Europe, it is generally not found outside of Spain. However, there are some Madrid families in Portugal, likely as the result of past emigration. Additionally, Madrid is not an uncommon surname among Sephardic Jews, many of whom trace their ancestry to Spain and Portugal.

The surname has also spread to other nations around the world through different means. For example, in the Philippines, it has been adopted by some Chinese Filipino families and is a common surname in the country.

Overall, the last name Madrid is most common in Spain and its former colonies, as well as throughout the United States and other parts of the Americas. It is not as widespread as other Spanish surnames, due to its specific origin, but it can now be found in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Madrid

The surname Madrid is a patronymic surname from Spain, referring to the city of Madrid, the capital of the country. It is derived from the Latin word "matritum," which refers to a pool or lake in a riverbed, and is possibly a toponymic name referring to the city. The variants and spellings of the surname are Madrigal, Madride, Madrile, Madrop, Madroq, and Madrue.

In addition, names such as Madriz, Madrona, and Madroño can also have the same origin as Madrid. These are all variations of the original name.

Furthermore, surnames like Madriot, Madagascar, and Madron are derivatives of the Madrid name. Madriot is derived from the Latin phrase "Matritum," while Madagascar and Madron are both influenced by the word for the city of Madrid.

Finally, some surnames have been corrupted over time, such as Madriguera, Madroño, and Madrigal. Madriguera is derived from the Spanish word for a madrigal, a type of religious music, and Madroño and Madrigal are both variations of Madrid.

In conclusion, Madrid is a common surname originating in Spain. Its variants, spellings, and derivatives include Madrigal, Madride, Madrile, Madrop, Madroq, Madrue, Madriz, Madrona, Madriot, Madagascar, Madron, Madriguera, Madroño, and Madrigal. These surnames may reflect different linguistic and geographical influences, as well as corruptions of the original surname over time.

Famous people with the name Madrid

  • Eiza Gonzalez: Mexican actress, singer, songwriter and model from Mexico City
  • Maite Perroni: Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, former member of the Latin GRAMMY-nominated pop group RBD
  • Cristina Madrid: Former Spanish deputy prime minister and former mayor of Madrid
  • Rosario Madrid: Argentine actress and singer
  • Kiko Matamoros: Spanish television personality and former bullfighter
  • Alejandro Madrid: Chilean actor
  • Joaquín Madrid: Spanish actor
  • Gael García Bernal: Mexican actor, director, and producer
  • Erick Madrid: Paraguayan footballer
  • Raúl Alarcón Jr.: Puerto Rican entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and civic leader

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